Tuesday 28 January 2020
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Richards Group & Richards/Lerma Vets Launch Fortunato: A Creative Agency Designed to Thrive in the New Marketing Landscape

Richards Group & Richards/Lerma Vets Launch Fortunato: A Creative Agency Designed to Thrive in the New Marketing Landscape

Chris Carreker and Rodrigo Maycotte | Fortunato

Former Richards Group and Richards/Lerma alumni Chris Carreker and Rodrigo Maycotte announced the launch of Fortunato – a new Dallas-based creative agency, with the intention of evolving the current ad agency model to improve the way brands deliver value to customers. This involves positioning craftsmanship as the new competitive advantage for brands; implementing their “Serve The Work” philosophy to deliver bold, brave work that provides enduring value for consumers – and be willing to offer a results-based compensation model to back up their work. Their new approach also includes a project-based structure that allows Fortunato to design a customized team for each of their clients.

Carreker and Maycotte boast a combined 25 years of experience within The Richards Group’s family of companies, which they credit for their strong foundation of brand building work and world-class creative. Prior to launching Fortunato, Carreker and Maycotte conducted research by interviewing employees of agencies across the country, as well as marketers working as agency clients for various companies. This helped them identify key areas where agencies have an opportunity to evolve and deliver on the needs the modern market is asking for.

“In a time when technology has commoditized creativity, and products are built to last less and less, it’s no longer enough for products to simply exist – they must have thoughtfulness, great design, and a little bit of magic in order to create a connection.” Says Maycotte, Creative Partner at Fortunato. “And all of that takes craftsmanship, which we believe is the new competitive advantage.”

“To Serve The Work means that we should think about our work not as a means to merely make a living, but as a means to find fulfillment.” Says Carreker, Brand Partner at Fortunato. “We know that by doing this we can create thoughtful, well-crafted work consumers will value and embrace, and produce the results that will bring good fortune to our clients’ brands.”

“We think there is a need in the market for a new type of agency.” Concludes Maycotte. “We’re not going to pretend that we already have it figured out, but we believe if we trust our process, and live up to our values, we’ll get closer to the solution.”

About Fortunato
Fortunato is a Dallas-based creative agency that exists to make beautiful things of enduring value. Fortunato specializes in branding, advertising, and design. Fortunato can be found online at, on Twitter and Instagram as @fortunatodallas, and on LinkedIn as Fortunato.


As for us, we are an independent creative agency based in Dallas, TX. We partner with good companies, to help them become the best expression of themselves, through work that is brave, purposeful, and passionately well-crafted. We believe that in today’s market, craftsmanship is what gives brands an unfair advantage. When all others are out for the next get-rich-quick scheme, we’re here to build thoughtful brand connections with true lasting power.