Wednesday 23 January 2019
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Dallas ADDYs 2018 Videos | Dark with Humor | AdChat Interviews Walo Creatives About Theme

Dallas ADDYs 2018 Videos | Dark with Humor | AdChat Interviews Walo Creatives About Theme

Where Will You Be When History Calls?

After watching two fairly violent videos promoting this year’s ADDY awards, we just had to ask Wally Barraza, Co-Founder and Creative Director and Lalo Duran, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Walo Inc., just where the idea for this year’s theme came from. Here’s what they told us.

AdChat DFW: Looking at this poor guy being chased down like a scene from The Shining and then this second video of him being tortured, what is the message?

Wally:  We looked at the past years’ themes and wanted to do something really different, something 180 degrees different that would shock people and get them talking. So we came up with this idea of “Where will you be when history calls?” as it’s going to be an historic ADDYs this year, with standardizing the new trophy and it being the 56th year for it. So we created a story of this guy and put him in different situations. It’s crazy, you’re watching this guy getting chased and beaten up, it just cracks me up because it’s a homage to these kind of movies from the past.

AdChat DFW: Why did you choose these older pictures to emulate?

Lalo: We wanted to do dark setting but then with humor at the end. It plays off that thing about the creative industry that it doesn’t matter what is going on, it’s about the work and how important that is. No matter what the work comes first.

AdChat DFW: What is the big deal around standardizing the new trophy?

Lalo: We really don’t know that much about it yet, they (AAF Dallas) they are unveiling it on ADDYs night. They are waiting to make it a nice surprise. They did show us a picture of an agency’s trophy shelf and there were so many different Dallas ADDYs trophies that you couldn’t tell them apart, so they decided to standardize it.

AdChat DFW: When will we see the third video?

Lalo: It’s going to be revealed at the show.

AdChat DFW: Who were some of the people and companies you collaborated with to make these videos happen?

Wally: Justin Malone with Malone Pictures shot the 35mm and supervised the challenging endeavor of getting it transferred in N.Y.; he had to send it twice because the first round was on a truck that got stuck in a blizzard. Andy McGee with Republic Editorial did a fantastic job of editing. Kodak donated the film, Social Revolt handled all the social media, Clampitt Paper donated the poster paper and Atomic Design & Consulting helped with design.

AdChat DFW: What is Lalo entering this year?

Lalo: We are entering a series of movie posters, sort of old movie throwback posters for Jarittos.

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