Saturday 15 December 2018
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Groove Jones Integrates AR on Snapchat’s Lens Studio Platform

Groove Jones Integrates AR on Snapchat’s Lens Studio Platform

Snapchat is now allowing AR developers like Groove Jones to integrate AR campaigns onto their platform through Lens Studio. As its name suggests, Lens Studio allows Groove Jones to make their own Lenses to use on Snapchat and share them with others. Snapchat leads the social platform world with these lens experiences. Apple recently revealed that Snapchat is the number two most downloaded app in the US in 2017.

Since the introduction of Lens Filters, Snapcht has over released 3000 AR filters. User engagement tops 60 million people playing with Lenses at three minutes per day on average. That is individual consumers creating content with AR content and then sharing it with their friends and family.

Brands are using Snapchats lens filters to connect with a younger audience. World Lenses let you reimagine the world around you, think of AR Portals, and even bring different characters to life!

The AR filters we create can be utilized in many ways and we can program the animations to react to a user – making for some fun engagements. We can make them so the user can tap on the AR object to trigger its animation, walk towards the object so it moves, look around using their Snapchat camera to see the whole object, or simply look at it as it moves around you.

Snapcodes allow for easy access to your Snap campaign or your AR Lens on Snapchat.

Now, any brand can create their own AR experience for Snapchat and share it with the world using a personal Snapcode that lasts for a year and users can unlock using the Snapchat camera. But brands will have to promote their own Lenses by marketing their QR Snapcodes that users scan to unlock an AR effect for 24 hours. That’s because Snapchat won’t display these Community Lenses in its camera unless it is part of a media buy.

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