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Have You Ever Wanted to be an Elf? Watch This AdChat QuickChat™ | Groove Jones and Advantage Unified Commerce Create Keebler Elfies from Selfies

Written by AdChat DFW

Who doesn’t love an elf?  They are fun, spry, magical and are commonly associated with bringing joy. Especially the Keebler elf named Ernie. Throughout the years, Ernie has been featured in numerous advertising campaigns, helping to promote the Keebler brand and its various products. His character has contributed to the overall appeal and recognition of Keebler’s products among consumers, especially children and families. So when Keebler decided to create a marketing campaign for Ernie to engage with customers in a fun and interactive way, they turned to Advantage Unified Commerce (AUC). 

AUC is a Dallas-based company that uses advanced data and tech to unlock commerce scale for clients.  When they were tasked with creating a user experience for Keebler to increase consumer engagement they partnered with Groove Jones, another Dallas-based company best known for award-winning work in AI, AR, VR and other emerging technologies. 

Dan Ferguson, Co-Founder of Groove Jones, and Dino De Leon, Executive Producer for (AUC), agreed to an interview with AdChat DFW’s Patty Harrison, to get the full story surrounding the app that transforms a customer’s selfies into a Keebler Elfies.  

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