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Groove Jones and AUC Create AR Keebler Campaign Supporting the Latest ‘Despicable Me’ Movie

Written by Groove Jones

Groove Jones worked with Advantage Unified Commerce to create an immersive Augmented Reality (AR) experience to support Keebler’s new campaign with the latest Despicable Me movie. The experience is to drive engagement and enhance the promotional campaign for the Find the Mega Minion Fudge Stripes Cookies. The game features Ernie and a variety of Mega Minions from the new Despicable Me 4 movie.

Keebler Minions

The story is that Ernie has lost a pack of Fudger Stripes along with a set of Mega Minions cards. Your mission is to find the missing cookies and collect the cards for a chance to win mega prizes.

Keebler Minions

To access the AR game, users were prompted to scan a QR code on the Mega Minion Fudge Stripes Cookies packaging, which sends them to a microsite for the game. Customers can also access the game via a link on the “Open For Magic” website –

The “Find The Mega Minion” Game

Keebler Minions

When users scan the QR code on the package, they are greeted with a home screen that sets the scene: Ernie the Elf has misplaced a pack of Fudge Stripe Cookies somewhere in your home, along with a set of Mega Minions cards. His challenge to you is to find the missing cookies and collect the cards to enter a draw for mega prizes. After clicking “Play Now,” users to begin their search.

Keebler Minions

As users explore their surroundings, they will look for four distinct cookies. Each cookie is indicated by a glowing beam of light. When users tap on the light, a Fudge Stripe cookie appears on their screen. By tapping the cookie, the user unlocks a digital card featuring one of the Mega Minions, with the Minion’s name and a unique power.

augmented reality

A direction indicator onscreen helps the user find all the cookies.

Augmented Reality

Below are the 4 Mega Minions.

Mega Minion Cards

  • Mega Dave – Power: Strength
  • Mega Jerry – Power: Indestructible Boulder
  • Mega Gus – Power: Flight
  • Mega Mel – Power: Unstoppable Laser Blast

After collecting all four cookies, users are directed to locate the actual pack of cookies hidden somewhere around them. Finding and tapping on this pack finishes the game, triggering confetti. At the end of the experience, participants can enter a sweepstakes for movie passes and other exciting rewards.

AR Augmented reality

A distinctive feature of the game was its capability to capture video in real-time. This allowed players to save and share their gameplay experiences on social media, thereby extending the campaign’s reach beyond individual users.

Customers can also submit their location to find where to buy the cookies.

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