TRG Creates Fun Campaign for Bouncie, The App Teen Drivers Tolerate

Written by AdChat DFW

No teen enjoys being tracked by their parents, but Bouncie is seen as a more acceptable alternative to invasive phone-based methods.

Bouncie is a nifty little device that plugs into your car, paired with an app that keeps track of location, driving habits, battery level, engine health, accidents, and more. For parents of teen drivers, it’s an invaluable tool to help their kids transition safely to independence. For teens, it offers freedom without the constant intrusion of phone tracking.

Bouncie’s new ad campaign, created by agency TRG, highlights how the app is grudgingly accepted by teen drivers. It monitors driving habits, accidents, car location, engine health, and more, providing peace of mind to parents without annoying their kids. Teens may not love it, but they can live with it, giving parents the reassurance they need.

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