Monday 28 September 2020
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Ted’s Brain Science Taps Kickstand & Side Chops to Create Silly Advertising for Serious Relief

Ted’s Brain Science Taps Kickstand & Side Chops to Create Silly Advertising for Serious Relief

The Richardson-based, neuroscientist-founded pain cream company, Ted’s Brain Science Products, debuts their new ad, created by Kickstand and Side Chops. Featuring “Doctor” Mallard (the quotation marks are court-ordered), a proponent of unconventional pain treatments, who strikes out with a series patients before having to leave in a rush. The ad then exhorts the viewer to “put some science on it.”

Kickstand and Side Chops had a blast on the production, which had two key moments of serendipity: stumbling on the insane, custom “good times” van that serves as the “doctor”’s office, and the last minute idea to give Kevin Howard, the actor, hair extensions to bring the character to life.

Bo Bartlett, Co-Founder at Kickstand stated, “There’s a lot of snake oil and outright dishonesty in the natural pain relief space. The one thing those products all have in common is they all take themselves very, very seriously. So we decided to do the opposite – silly advertising, serious relief.”

Side Chops director Joe Harris added, “It was a fun shoot and it was super easy to keep everyone light, silly and excited. Before we began shooting, I shared the script with not just the actors but the crew as well. It informed them so when we got going, everyone was feeling comfortable, and at home so that the genuine emotion could come out. I asked these brilliant people to try to come near what I had envisioned in my brain, and it turned out much better than that.”  

About Kickstand:
Kickstand is a small Dallas agency that has accidentally specialized in healthcare and video games, but deliberately specializes in silliness.

Watch spots…

Ted’s Pain Cream- “Doctor” Mallard Is In :90
Ted’s Pain Cream- “Doctor” Mallard Is In :30

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