Tuesday 20 October 2020
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Save the Date! Digital Fight Club is August 28th! Get Tickets Now!

Save the Date! Digital Fight Club is August 28th! Get Tickets Now!

Watch Technology Experts Duke it Out Defending Their Expertise

Things to Know About Digital Fight Club

We put 2 technology experts in a boxing ring 2 feet from each other in front of 5 accomplished “referees” and let them defend their position on a topic in their field.

We do this in front of 500 CEOs, technologists, entrepreneurs and investors. So there is no pressure.

Then we let the refs and audience (that’s you) vote for a winner. That’s not boring. That’s fun.
…and you might learn something

The Fights
1. Public Transport Technology: Taming the Wild West –the Uber IPO and all those darn scooters makes this the hot fight on the card.

2. Secure Me: Digital Safety across the Ecosystem — all those platforms sharing our data…what could go wrong?

3. Silence: To digitally disconnect or not — our first fight on the behavioral side of things.

4. Synthetic Reality: Does real even matter? — AR, VR? how about a giant blend called SR?

5. Get to Know Me: Data, Personalization & Privacy — the dangerous cousin to #2: the pros & cons of letting platforms know everything about you.

The Event
• VIP experience (limited avail) to hob nob with all the CEOs and more (See more at ticket purchase)

• Pre-event activities: we’re opening up the Granada with fund stuff to do inc. your fave: 7-Eleven Slurpee truck to make that Tito’s taste oh so good.
• After-party on the roof at Sundown next door.

• Your vote counts for the winning fighter with the DFC App

• See all the 2018 fights: DFC YouTube Channel

Accenture is our anchor and 7-Eleven is our ring sponsor. We have 5 “Fight Sponsors with SVB and Stratecha taking the 1st two.

SO: 3 Fight sponsors left (email me if interested)
Michael Pratt –

ALSO: the After-Party is still open for sponsorship. Hopefully I don’t have to write a personal check but it’s ON regardless!!

Stay Tuned For:
• Interviews of our high-profile referees. Will we have another Mark Cuban?
• Fight profiles
• Ticket giveaways

Take Action:
Get early bird tickets before time runs out.

Get Tickets


Michael Pratt President, Digital Dallas