Republic Introduces Fran Montoya as Director of Sales

Written by Republic

Republic announces the addition of industry veteran Fran Montoya as Director of Sales. Montoya brings almost 30 years of experience to the role and will be charged with leading Republic’s internal sales and marketing teams and coordinating their efforts with outside representation.

A seasoned veteran with a diverse historical roster of companies ranging from visual effects to production to music to traditional post-production, Montoya’s experience as both an independent and in-house rep has allowed her to build strong relationships with agency creatives,  producers, industry creatives and talent. A critical player in Reel FX’s commercial division’s success in the mid 2000’s, she was most recently Head of Sales at Charlie Uniform Tango.

“Fran has a tremendous reputation in this market as being a person who knows how to strategically build and showcase strong creative teams capable of executing top-notch work,” says Republic partner and Managing Director Carrie Callaway. “She’s a straight shooter who tells it like it is. In today’s market with complex deliverables and increasingly shorter deadlines, she’s someone that clients and talent love to turn to because of her straightforward approach to getting a job done.”

Proficient in Spanish with strong relationships in both the general and Hispanic markets, Montoya was born in El Paso and destined for a career at the intersection of sales and creativity. Raised by parents who owned competing advertising agencies, her father, Rudy Montoya, was a famous Southwest artist who owned a local print advertising agency, while her mother wrote, produced and directed for her own company. While in high-school, a young Montoya answered phones for her father before running her mother’s casting agency at the age of 18. Montoya moved to Dallas at age 21 and started a small rep firm working with DNA Productions, Concrete Productions and as an independent rep. She went in-house at Reel Fx in 2007 where she expanded their commercial roster and client base and gained a deep understanding of the animation and visual effects arena.

“I can’t express how excited I am to be joining the team at Republic right now,” says Montoya. “The strong and strategic additions they’ve made to their team in recent years (including the addition of editor Dean Pelton last month) clearly illustrates a prudent approach by a company that’s looking to grow in today’s competitive market. We’ve got a killer team in place here that’s capable of tackling any scope of project – plus we’re continuing to increase our talent base. I’m looking forward to working with our outside rep Julie Koellner and I’m eagerly anticipating sharing two new additions we will be announcing in the coming weeks.

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