PMG Creates New ‘Lucy the Firefly’ Campaign for Green Mountain Energy

Written by PMG

Green Mountain Energy, the nation’s longest-serving renewable energy retailer and a pioneer in providing 100% renewable energy solutions, is excited to unveil its breakthrough advertising brand campaign, “Lucy’s World.” Featuring the delightful, animated firefly brand ambassador Lucy, this campaign by PMG and directed by Laurie Rowan came to life through an innovative animation production produced by Emmy-winning creative studio Nexus Studios.

Lucy the firefly brings optimism for a better future to life in a vibrant, green, and clean world, seeing the best in everyone and everything. She radiates positivity, encouraging viewers that even the smallest energy-saving decisions can have a monumental impact on our world. This is embodied in the campaign’s central message: small actions can lead to big changes.

The visuals and animation for “Lucy’s World” are designed to mirror the personality and optimism of Lucy herself. The campaign showcases a variety of dynamic, bright, and fun elements that comprise her imaginary world – one that represents what our own could be if we all come together for the greater good.

“Just as Lucy lights up the world with her gentle and inviting glow, we aim to illuminate the path to cleaner energy usage with engaging, thoughtful storytelling that resonates with both longtime sustainability pros and newcomers,” said Amy Nuttall, Director of Marketing, Green Mountain Energy.

Lucy’s World begins rolling out this month across multiple platforms, including video, social media, display, and OOH advertising. The visual creation not only sets the stage for this launch but also paves the way for Green Mountain Energy’s future storytelling—all within Lucy’s enchanting and newly created 3D town. It is designed not just to advertise but to influence, reflecting the brand’s commitment to inspire hope and motivate action through the use of clean energy.

Created by PMG, campaign elements include :30, :15 and :06 spots, supported by an integrated multi-channel media plan. Throughout May, Green Mountain energy ads will run across a full funnel of placements in areas such as high-impact media, DOOH, CTV, audio, online video donating to GME’s charitable organization, native, social channels (including Pinterest, Reddit and Meta), along with search.

Added Andrew Harper, executive creative director at PMG: “Green Mountain Energy is different than other energy companies and needed a campaign that embodies the vision of what the world could be. We show a world full of life and opportunity with a production approach that is actually sustainable itself. The animated world can be used again and built upon as we shine a light on a better world.”

Creative Credits
Client: Green Mountain Energy
Director of Multibrand Marketing: Amy Nuttall
Senior Manager of Brand & Prospect Marketing: Linda Nunnery
Brand Marketing Manager: Kelsey Brownhill
Senior Brand Marketing Specialist: Myleeza Mingo
Agency: PMG
Executive Creative Director: Andrew Harper
Creative Director: Justin Pitchard
Creative Director: Lori Wittig
Associate Creative Director: Cynthia De La Torre Moreno
Associate Creative Director: Catherine Babin
Motion Design: Luis Cuenca
Strategy & Insights Senior Manager: Yash Shah
Creative Account Senior Manager: Megan Orbach
Executive Producer: Amanda Huelse
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Production Company: Nexus Studios
Director: Laurie Rowan
Executive Producer: Jason Fletcher-Bartholomew
Producer: Rebecca Archer
Production Manager: Tyler Antin, Edith Chappey
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Additional Editing: Zaki Fulford, Mark Van Heusden
Head of Production: Rachel Moss
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PR & Marketing: Nancy Edmondson, Bruce Bigg
Sound Company: Factory Studios Ltd
Sound Design & Mix: Josh Campbell
Audio Producer: Ciara Wakley
Music Production Company: SIREN @ Factory Ltd
Composer: Stuart Hancock
Producer: Alice Benton / Joshua Gibbard


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