Plot Twist Creates Hysterical Telenovela Spoof Spot for H-E-B General & Hispanic Market

Plot Twist Creativity has pushed the boundaries once more with this hysterical spot caricaturing the overdramatizing of 1990’s Hispanic telenovelas.

Gabriela Lara Corsalini, Associate Creative Director and copywriter at Plot Twist Creativity stated on LinkedIn, ” I’m so happy to finally be able to share our latest work for H-E-B and the Houston Astros! This spot is brought to you by Gaby from the 90s, watching telenovelas that she probably shouldn’t have been watching at that age.

“Thanks to agency producer Tony Rucker and our partners at Sugar Film Production and Recess Editorial for making this crazy idea come true, and to Kevin Reid, Associate Creative Director/Art Director at Plot Twist for putting up with me.”

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Sometimes, just when you think you know how a story is going to turn out, something unexpected comes along that throws that story in a new, exciting, unforeseen direction. That’s when stories become legends. We call that moment a plot twist.

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