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Plot Twist Big Game Spot #2! “Box Art” Highlights Coca-Cola SW Beverages’ Community Involvement | Tango Sweetens Audio

Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages, a company of Arca Continental, wanted their Super Bowl spot to demonstrate that they do much more than just bottle and distribute Coca-Cola products in Texas and the Southwest. They also pour a lot back into the communities they serve. This spot created by Plot Twist Creativity, brings a typical in-store display of Coke products to animated life to graphically demonstrate the work CCSWB does through community employment, supporting nonprofits, recycling, and sustainability efforts to help make life in their region a little bit happier.

DFW-based charlieuniformtango did the audio mix and sweetening. Audio engineer Russell Smith shared, “Any time I get the opportunity to work with Plot Twist Creativity, I’m all in. Working with Chris Smith and his talented colleagues is not only an honor and privilege, it allows me to witness as well as participate in a creative endeavor at the highest level, all while having so much fun in the process! Getting to do the audio mix for the CCSWB “Box Art” spot is a prime example.”


Agency: Plot Twist Creativity

Chris Smith
Principal, Chief Creative Officer, Writer

Bo McCord
Creative Director/Art Director

Kim Alexander
Director of Production

Tony Rucker
Broadcast Producer

Matt Butcher
Principal of Strategy

Dave Kroencke

Kendyl Loper
Account Executive

Animation company: King & Country

Director: Rick Gledhill
Producer/editor: Jerry Torgerson

Post Production: charlieuniformtango
Audio: Russell Smith

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