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Greg Christensen Launches Barnes Creative Bank | Assists Companies to Create In-House Agencies

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Greg Christensen, Group Creative Director at TRG, recently launched Barnes Creative Bank, a consultancy aimed at helping companies establish their own in-house creative and production teams. In a discussion with Patty Harrison, Editor-in-Chief of AdChat DFW, Christensen elaborated on the growing trend of companies like PepsiCo, Team One, and 7-Eleven creating internal production departments to achieve greater nimbleness, cost-effectiveness, and speed.

Christensen pointed out several advantages of having an in-house production team:

  1. Nimbleness: Internal teams can respond to project needs and market changes more swiftly than external agencies, providing a competitive edge in fast-moving industries.
  2. Cost-effectiveness: Over time, building an in-house team can be more economical as it reduces the reliance on external agencies and the associated costs.
  3. Speed: Direct control over the production process often results in faster project turnaround times, allowing companies to meet tight deadlines more efficiently.

However, Christensen also highlighted potential pitfalls for companies attempting to create in-house teams without adequate preparation:

  1. Expertise in Equipment: High-quality production requires an understanding of the latest equipment and technology, which can be a steep learning curve for new teams.
  2. Production Knowledge: The complexity of production processes demands a depth of knowledge that can only be acquired through experience.
  3. Creative Team: Building a cohesive and talented creative team takes time and effort, and companies may struggle to attract and retain top talent without a clear strategy.

Barnes Creative Bank aims to mitigate these challenges by providing expert guidance and support. Christensen’s consultancy offers insights into best practices for setting up and running an in-house creative team, ensuring companies can leverage the benefits while avoiding common pitfalls.

By assisting with everything from equipment selection to team building, Barnes Creative Bank helps companies create robust in-house production capabilities that drive their creative projects forward efficiently and effectively.

Read our interview with Greg:

AdChat DFW: When we were talking before, you mentioned seeing the success of companies like Yeti and AirBnB bringing their creative services in-house and doing stellar work. So you launched the Barnes Creative Bank as a consultancy to help other brands do the same.

Greg Christensen: Yes, although there isn’t a single formula that works. Solutions will vary based on a brand’s needs and goals. In building and optimizing in-house creative, someone like me with an agency background will have more insight than someone whose focus has been purely marketing their whole career. It’s no wonder most companies that have the beginnings of in-house creative become very design-heavy, but often lack writers or content creators. Many of the CMOs and advertising directors I’ve spoken to said they would have liked to have had more guidance, but simply had to figure it out on their own. But that’s time and money they didn’t need to lose.

AdChat DFW: Yeah. It’s important to be nimble, but there are so many aspects to manage. You need expertise in every area like production, equipment, and creative direction.

Greg Christensen: Exactly. The learning curve to develop top-tier in-house creative capabilities can be steep without guidance. My offerings aim to help companies become more efficient and creative. For instance, staffing to get the right talent in the right place, building creative resourcefulness, and making sure the brand’s executive team sees the value their team’s efforts.

AdChat DFW: That’s awesome. Where did the name come from?

Greg Christensen: Barnes Creative Bank is inspired by a bank started by my great, great, great grandfather Barnes. It’s always been a source of pride in our family.

AdChat DFW: That’s a great name. Are you launching a podcast too?

Greg Christensen: Yes, I’ve started interviewing creative leads at various in-house agencies. This will help me learn and provide insights to potential clients. The podcast is about a month away from launch.

AdChat DFW: That sounds fantastic. We should promote that. We have a large marketing audience that would be interested.

Greg Christensen: Awesome and more to come!

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