Friday 7 August 2020
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Check out Super Bowl Spots from DFW Companies, Ad Agencies or Production Companies

Check out Super Bowl Spots from DFW Companies, Ad  Agencies or Production Companies

Super Bowl LIV had its share of wince moments not only in the game itself when Kansas City Chiefs took back the ball from San Francisco 49ers and went on to win the game, but also the half-time show with J. Lo covering her crotch with her hand and Shakira’s tongue noise that’s now a new meme.  Amazing abdominal gyrations, hit song snippets, reverential moments of silence and pole dancing aside, what AdChat DFW’s audience loves to see are the Super Bowl commercials that were created with a DFW-based company, ad agency or production company. 

The Richards Group

H-E-B asked The Richards Group to increase their app download significantly…to one million. They responded by turning the commercial starring Texas native, Eva Longoria, into a contest that required the app to play. The contest asked participants to choose 10 H-E-B products that were featured in the spot. After 10 items are picked correctly, the participant can then enter in the sweepstakes. The winner will receive a lifetime of groceries from H-E-B.

Richard’s Chris Smith, Creative Group Head, stated, “H-E-B challenged us to get a million people to download their new, improved app. Our digital team had the idea to turn the commercial into a contest that you needed the app to play. The client embraced it and stepped up with a huge prize, and Eva Longoria Bastón added some star power. The app was the most-downloaded app in the country within 24 hours.”

Watch spot…

H-E-B Big Game Commercial 2020 | My H-E-B App

Richards also created a joint Favor and H-E-B spot. Favor is the delivery service that delivers food in under an hour.

Chris Smith explained, “Our idea for this joint Favor/H-E-B ad was: What if somebody did a beer ad, but forgot to get the beer? So we took that head-fake to a high level with some stunt casting. It ran as two :15 spots bookending a commercial break, with the first spot being the beer-commercial-gone-wrong. In the second, a Favor runner shows up with beer and wine from H-E-B to save the day.”

Watch spot…

H-E-B | “Beer is not Here”


DFW-based Frito-Lay  tapped into a 30-year old MC Hammer classic, “U Can’t Touch This” to feature a man with bright orange Cheetos dust on his hands who uses it as an excuses not to perform unsavory tasks such spotting a weight lifter or moving furniture. Hammer comically pops up throughout the spot singing the iconic catchphrase.

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Cheetos |”Can’t Touch This”

Doritos brought together hit rapper, Lil Nas X and cowboy actor Sam Elliot in a fun throwdown in the Old West. The singer’s smash hit “Old Town Road,” was released mid-summer 2019 and remained on Billboard Hot 100 for nineteen straight weeks. The two did a fun CGI enhanced danceoff to the song with the winner taking home a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. Billy Cyrus, who features in the song’s remix, also made a cameo.

Watch spot..

Doritos® | The Cool Ranch feat. Lil Nas X and Sam Elliott

Thousand Foot Squid

Norry Niven, the multiple Emmy award winner with Thousand Foot Squid, directed this action packed Kia Seltos commercial for Super Bowl LIV. It aired on Fox Deportes in Spanish and was the inaugural production for the recently formed Dallas-based production company. 

Norry Niven shared, “It was a dream opportunity with and incredible team. I had worked with the amazing Jon Jaimes on Vision Works through Moroch for years and when he asked if I’d be interested in shooting KIA with INSPIRE I jumped at the chance. The creative was smart but the timeline was tight and we wound up working through the holidays (Diana Bland producer for Thousand Foot Squid) to prep the LA shoot which was blessed with great weather.” Read More

Watch spot…

El nuevo Kia Seltos 2021, tan capaz como tú | Doble de acción


Toyota, headquartered in Pano, Texas, featured Cobie Smulders driving a Toyota Highlander, saving the day rescuing multiple characters from dramatic scenarios before picking up her son after a movie.

Watch spot…

2020 Toyota Big Game Commercial: Ft Cobie Smulders | 2020 Toyota Highlander

Avocados from Mexico

Avocados from Mexico carved out a niche with humorous ads featuring avocados and fake products in a home shopping network scenario. Molly Ringwald was the spokesperson who encouraged shoppers to buy helmets, pool floats, music boxes and even yurts designed especially for avocados.

Watch spot…

The Avocados from Mexico Shopping Network | Avocados From Mexico

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