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Building on the History of Storytelling, Watch ‘5 Questions With’ John Kiker, President of Medium Giant

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John Kiker (known as Kiker), President of Medium Giant, a prominent advertising agency based in North Texas, has had a wealth of experience and possesses an extensive management career spanning over two decades. His journey includes overseeing high-profile accounts and business development at Tracy-Locke and being President of Integer’s U.S. network, which landed him his most recent role. Notably, Medium Giant operates as a sister company to The Dallas Morning News, a historic entity and the oldest continually operating company in the state of Texas.

Displayed prominently within the lobby of Medium Giant and The Dallas Morning News, is a profound quote from G.B. Dealey, the paper’s former owner:

Build the news upon the rock of truth and righteousness. Conduct it always upon the lines of fairness and integrity. Acknowledge the right of the people to get from the newspaper both sides of every important question.

When Kiker took over as President of Medium Giant last May, he brought a unique vision and approach, that supports the tenets of that quote. Rather than distancing or severing ties between the agency and the DMN, he capitalized on the inherent power of storytelling by amplifying and extending its influence. Instead of a news angle, it would be to find the brand truth for each client and tell their story to drive results distinctively and compellingly.

Kiker’s ambitious plans to transform the agency have already garnered significant attention inside the agency world in DFW, prompting AdChat DFW’s Editor, Patty Harrison, to conduct a captivating “5 Questions With” interview with him. In this fun exchange, John shares his vision and provides additional details about the transformative journey he envisions for the agency.

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