Tuesday 25 September 2018
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ForwardXP Publishes VR Hit Game, Please Don’t Touch Anything

ForwardXP Publishes VR Hit Game, Please Don’t Touch Anything

Steve Nix Launching New Publishing Group

ForwardXP recently announced that the hit game, Please Don’t Touch Anything is the first title being published under their new publishing group.

Originally developed by the acclaimed independent studio, Four Quarters, with later 3D and VR development by veteran game creators, Escalation Studios, the enigmatic puzzle -game, Please Don’t Touch Anything is a highly addictive, mesmerizing pixel-art experience.

Please Don’t Touch Anything VR is currently available on the Oculus store for both the Rift and the GearVR.  Please Don’t Touch Anything 3D is currently available on Steam, iOS and Google Play. Oculus Rift Touch controllers and HTC Vive controllers are both supported for button mashing madness!

“Please Don’t Touch Anything is an amazingly witty, and deeply immersive experience and we are ecstatic to launch our publishing group with this title,” said ForwardXP CEO and Co-Founder, Steve Nix. “Our team has decades of experience in the digital distribution of top games, and we are so excited to build an entirely new type of publisher, starting with this game.”

ForwardXP will be working with Four Quarters to bring new versions of the game to other VR and gaming platforms, with all the insanity and new features.

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ForwardXP's team has a long history of developing immersive, high-quality content for emerging platforms. Our internal development efforts are focused on Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality platforms. Our proprietary technology focuses on the intersection of these platforms with Voice User Interfaces and Artificial Intelligence. ​