The Original Pancake House DFW Partners with Dairy MAX | Creates Social Media Campaign

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The Original Pancake House DFW partnered with Dairy MAX, a local dairy council representing more than 900 dairy farm families in an eight-state region. The collaborative effort highlights dairy’s delicious moments, coupled with the health and nutrition benefits of dairy foods like milk, cheese and butter.

The partnership includes leading with milk as the beverage of choice on its kids’ menu, featured dairy-forward dishes, in-store marketing, and a dynamic social media campaign.

We are thrilled to spotlight the exceptional dairy foods, like milk, cheese and yogurt, sourced from our local dairy farm families,” said Jonathan Seyoum, president of The Original Pancake House DFW. “Our made-from-scratch recipes rely heavily on quality dairy ingredients, like buttermilk, showcasing their freshness and richness.”

The promotion will also feature a social media campaign with engaging content across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, including videos spotlighting key associates like Manny, who has worked at The Original Pancake House DFW for over 18 years. Manny is known for his skill in preparing fresh pancake batter with nutritious, delicious buttermilk, which gives them their renowned creaminess and richness.

“We’re excited to partner with The Original Pancake House DFW on behalf of our hard-working, local dairy farm families. This partnership will highlight the natural deliciousness of milk, cheese and butter for guests of The Original Pancake House DFW, all while illustrating the nutrition benefits of dairy foods,” Josh Srader, Dairy MAX business development manager, said.



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