Thursday 9 April 2020
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Richards/Lerma Creates Awareness Campaign for Stopping Gun Violence | Demands Common Sense Gun Safety

Richards/Lerma Creates Awareness Campaign for Stopping Gun Violence | Demands Common Sense Gun Safety

As an agency that is recognized as a voice for social issues, Richards / Lerma, the Dallas based Hispanic agency launched its Stop Gun Violence campaign. It is a multi-media effort funded by the agency itself to promote awareness of the horror and social devastation that this specific violence leaves in communities across the nation. The agency’s objective is to get communities to act and demand common sense gun safety regulation from their elected representatives. The campaign arises from the staggering statistic that 100 Americans are killed with guns every day. More facts here.

As a Next Generation agency, involved in social issues, Richards / Lerma has created powerful campaigns in this arena. Examples of this are the PR x PR campaign promoting awareness and fundraising for Puerto Rico’s continued efforts of reconstruction after Hurricane Maria. Additionally, the agency created the #BeGolden campaign on behalf of the Catholic Diocese of Dallas, an effort intended to focus on the human part of the immigration debate. That campaign has since been adopted by Houston, San Antonio, Louisville, Salt Lake City and Anchorage, Alaska.

Although rooted in the multicultural experience and perspective, the agency’s initiatives are universal in their appeal and bridge gaps across beliefs, races and gender.

Its most recent program advocating for gun safety is yet another example of the agency’s commitment to taking a stand and acting on social challenges, seeking to unite and strengthen the voice of the American people. The campaign includes digital radio spots with companion banners, website and social media content. Creatively, the concept is emotionally charged, using actual live audio from several of the worse mass shootings in recent years. And most importantly, the program makes it easy for people to make their voices heard by their elected officials.

“A majority of Americans support common sense gun legislation. And I want for my loved ones to live without the fear and anxiety that comes with the culture of mass shootings we have today. We can do something about this. Let’s demand action from our elected officials,” added Pete Lerma, founder of the agency.

Check out the Stop Gun Violence website.


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