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LERMA/ Launches Narrative Storytelling Spot for The Salvation Army 

Written by LERMA

As The Salvation Army’s agency of record, LERMA/, a fully independent lead agency with multicultural roots — has released its latest spot for the nonprofit organization. 

Kirstin Mullins, an associate creative director at LERMA/ said,  “This spot marks a significant shift for The Salvation Army from docu-style vignettes to narrative storytelling which allows us to showcase an experience that often goes unseen: the moments following an eviction.”

This spot follows a single mother and her children through an overwhelming journey that’s all too common with eviction rates over 50% higher than before the pandemic. It reflects the very real experiences of those living in poverty. The mother sacrifices her own meal so that her kids can eat, she musters every ounce of energy to put a smile on her daughter’s face, and most importantly, she bravely asks for help to ensure a safer and brighter future for her kids. 

Katie Bernet, a creative director at LERMA/ said, “Our creative, strategy, and account management teams for this spot consisted mostly of women, so we took great care in portraying a single mother. We wanted to show her vulnerability but also her undeniable strength. She’s experiencing what may be the hardest night of her life, and yet, she pushes through for her children just as those facing hardships do everyday.” 

The Salvation Army relies on volunteer bellringers to support their iconic Red Kettle campaign. This spot aims to recruit new bellringers by demonstrating that when you ring the bell for The Salvation Army, you’re not just soliciting donations — you become a beacon of hope for your community.  

Strategy principal Kelly Piland, said, “As we approach the holidays, our audience will be overwhelmed by consumerism which can make the season feel fleeting. Volunteering with The Salvation Army offers us all a chance to make the holidays meaningful. When we ring the bell, we support families like the one in the story who are impacted not only for the night but sometimes for generations.” 



Associate Creative Director (Art): Kirstin Mullins
Creative Director (Art): Amanda Jackson
Creative Director (Copy): Katie Bernet
Executive Creative Director: David Morring
Agency Producer: Bridget Fontenot
Account Supervisor: Jillian Holliday
Account Principal: Cassidy Wren
Account Principal: Jon Lee
Chief Executive Officer: Pedro Lerma
Strategist: Julie Ross
Strategy Director: Jennifer Marzett
Strategy Principal: Kelly Piland
Production: The Fold
Music: Christian Darais
Post-Production: Camp Lucky
Editor: Elizabeth Stewart

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LERMA/ was founded by Pedro Lerma with an emphasis on omniculturalism and a belief that they can positively affect our increasingly diverse culture by first embodying it themselves. The agency's work includes award-winning campaigns for clients such as The Home Depot, Avocados From Mexico, The Salvation Army, Interstate Batteries and He Gets Us, among others. For more information, visit