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“Kindess First, Coffee Second,” LA LA Land Cafe Expands Footprint in Texas

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La La Land Kind Cafe, a chain of coffee shops with the purpose of normalizing kindness and hiring and mentoring foster youth, is expanding its celebrated brand in Texas and California with the launch of four new locations this summer, with an aggressive expansion plan for 2025.

Founder and CEO Francois Reihani opened the first La La Land Kind Cafe location in 2019 at just 23 years old. Since then, La La Land Kind Cafe has opened 13 store locations throughout Texas and California. Each location is thoughtfully designed to immediately draw in customers with its clean and bright aesthetic, joyful music, and warm and friendly staff; doling out messages of kindness and compliments, “Kindness first, coffee second,” says Reihani. The stores are all created to make you feel like you are in a dreamworld, while evoking a feeling of nostalgia with their signature bright yellow cups filled with colorful drinks in the brand’s signature sippy cup designs.

“As we close another dynamic year, I am proud to announce the expansion of La La Land Kind Cafe to two additional Caruso centers in California, as well as new locations in the Houston and Dallas areas. This growth is a cornerstone of our ambitious plan, driving us toward a future where our mission of kindness and iconic yellow cups reach even more communities across the nation,” states Reihani.

La La Land Cafe’s upcoming locations in Fort Worth and Plano, Texas were brought on by customer demand as the brand expands its footprint in Texas. The California based openings at Caruso’s The Americana At Brand and The Promenade in Westlake Village, continue to cement La La Land as THE go-to destination for coffee in the LA-area, providing an unparalleled experience within the real estate and hospitality realms. Reihani notes, “In hospitality we are normally the only “strangers” someone speaks to outside close friends or family. This means we physically represent humanity. We’re changing standards by not only creating the environment that brings happiness but interactions that show the power of humans being connected.”

La La Land Cafe is continuing to raise the standard of what we should all expect from businesses by providing consistency with expertly crafted and thoughtful drink and food offerings. While the brand is known for their high quality of coffee and tea, customers also flock to each location for their coveted branded merchandise, which quickly sells out due to the exceptional design and fabrications. This summer, La La Land will be rolling out exciting new hand-drawn apparel in the brand’s signature aesthetic for the Los Angeles area locations. Furthermore, La La Land is excited to officially launch their new and improved app, where customers can not only place their desired order for pick up, but stay in touch in real time for community events, exclusive offerings, and earn hearts for every dollar spent. La La App and Rewards will launch on July 15, 2024.


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