Monday 23 November 2020
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Do These Brands Need to be Cancelled Too? | Watch Hysterical Take on the Cancel Culture Mindset

Do These Brands Need to be Cancelled Too? | Watch Hysterical Take on the Cancel Culture Mindset

This wit-filled sarcastic video by comedian John Crist, takes on the brand cancelling culture and demands that many brands be cancelled because of their offensive nature. Why stop at Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben’s Rice? Trolling through an average grocery store, Crist points out the potential offensiveness of many brands, what they represent and how they could be misconstrued and offend someone. 

The video is obviously tongue-in-cheek, but there is a ring of truth to it. When does this mindset stop? Considering that Gen Z’s have been found to identify most with their culture of origin; Asian, Hispanic, Black etc., more than Millennials, we may ask why shouldn’t there be pride in celebrating cultural identities?

Checking out some of the comments below the YouTube video, there is obviously some agreement that the cancel culture has gone too far.

I find Cheerios offensive to British people.
My local high school had Redskins as their mascot and decided to cancel that because it offended native Americans. Come to find out, the local native American tribe was proud of their mascot and defended it. Turns out the people who were trying to cancel it in the first place were pretty much white students…they never even asked them how they feel and they were trying to cancel their representation! Maaan sometimes we go too far, millennials. Get offended by real problems like poverty and child abuse, then actively fight that instead…it’s more worth your time.
How dare you assume a woman is the one with finger nail polish. CANCELLED
John: “Ezekial bread?! That’s offensive to Atheists! CANCELLED!” Me: ”But you’re Christian”
I laughed so hard at this and then laughed even harder at the comments. There are some brilliant people in the comment section!
I haven’t ate pancakes since they did Aunt Jemima dirty.
“Wheat thins, lets get some wheat thick’s up here and then will talk, I love Lizzo” I died.
For those that didn’t catch it, this video is full of sarcasm.
I will no longer throw away the black cookie part of the Oreo cookie to get to the white creamy center.
I bought some apples some the other day called “Pink Ladies.” Thank you, Jon, for waking me up. Canceled!
And what about all of those Paul Newman products… he’s white.
Check out the video…

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