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Dieste Creates New Work for AT&T | Advises Don’t Marry Yourself to Offer One

Written by Dieste

Dieste launches its new AT&T commercial “Madrina.” The TV commercial premiered in January, accompanied by a social media campaign. The campaign is aired in English and Spanish for the multicultural market. 


The insight comes from the wedding madrinas and padrinos. Loved ones who contribute to be a part of the wedding, be it financially, or with experience. That’s where Dieste came up with a new kind of wedding role: The madrina of “best deals.” 


And who better for that role than AT&T’s Lily, who helps the bride and groom detect bad deals and not fall into the clutches of a salesman, who will stop at nothing to rent them a wedding venue. 


The commercial was directed by Augusto Gimenez Zapiola. 



Chief Creative Officer: Abe García
Group Creative Director: Benjamin Jara
Creative Director: Aldo Murillo
Associate Creative Director: Carlos Ortega
Senior Copywriter: Nestor Rodriguez
Art Directors: Dalia Quiroz and Alejandro Cadavid.
Senior Producer: Mónica Sotelo
Director: Augusto Gimenez Zapiola
Production Company: D’Avant-Garde Media.
Cinematography: Paula Huidobro
Colorist: Ricky Gausis, TRAFIK, LA
Postproduction House: LVLY
Editor: Jaime Valdueza, Be Grizzlee
Music House: Fresh Squeezed Music
Audio House: TruLove

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