Friday 14 August 2020
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Amid Pandemic, PMG Hires 30 New Graduates via Their Graduate Leadership Program

Amid Pandemic, PMG Hires 30 New Graduates via Their Graduate Leadership Program

PMG class of 2019

Due to the pandemic and the economic downturn that it has wrought, many agencies have cut staff. PMG, on the other hand, will be welcoming 30+ recent graduates to the company via its Graduate Leadership Program (GLP) in August. The new employees will increase PMG’s staff by double-digit percentage points, and collectively represent the company’s mission to hire top talent and build strong leaders. 

This year’s GLP class was recruited before the COVID-19 crisis, and PMG chose to honor its commitments to the graduates. At the beginning of the crisis, we made a commitment to ALL of our employees that their jobs would not be impacted by the pandemic, and once they accepted our offers, the GLP participants became part of the PMG family, even if they weren’t scheduled to start until after their graduation.

PMG’s GLP is a 12-week program for university graduates (both from undergraduate and graduate programs) who are looking to grow and learn in their careers after school. The graduates will participate in the program virtually this year, as PMG’s offices remain closed due to COVID-19. Over the 12-week period, participants are put through an intensive series of workshops where they learn how to become better leaders, use data and technology to inform their decision-making, and create — and even execute — media strategy across a variety of functions. Throughout the program PMG provides the graduates with the opportunity to contribute to work that empowers some of the most innovative brands in the world.

In addition, graduates in the program will work with our top leaders to understand how to think critically and strategically to provide solutions for any obstacles these brands may face. The goal of the program, for both the participants and for PMG is to match new graduates to a career that continuously challenges them, aligns with their passions and interests, and sets them up for success as a future leader at PMG.

While this year’s class is only the second in the program’s short history, it reflects the GLP’s tremendous growth from its first year. The number of applications nearly tripled, with students applying from 23 schools, leading to a class 58% larger than last year’s group.

The bigger breadth of candidates was reflected by their areas of study — the 2020 GLP participants majored in 17 different subjects (compared to 8 the year before), including expected subjects such as advertising, data science and strategic communications, as well as those that studied applied cognitive neuroscience, mathematics and physics. Furthermore, the program participants this year are more diverse, with non-whites making up 47% of the 2020 class, compared to 33% last year. 

According to Adweek, PMG is one of the fastest growing agencies in the world, and the Dallas Business Journal ranks the company as the second largest agency in DFW, based on local employees. With offices in both Fort Worth and Dallas, PMG works with some of the biggest global brands, including Apple, Beats by Dre, Sephora and Old Navy.



PMG is a global independent company that provides omnichannel strategy, media, insights, and creative content production for some of the world’s most iconic brands. The company’s work for brands like Apple, Beats by Dre, Cirque du Soleil, Old Navy, Sephora, and Google runs across 50+ countries globally and has received top industry recognition from Cannes Lions to Adweek Media Plan of the Year. PMG’s Texas-based client partners include, Motel 6, The Container Store, Cheap Caribbean, and Cook Children's Hospital. PMG has locations in Fort Worth, Dallas, Austin, New York, and London.