Monday 6 April 2020
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AdChat DFW Agency, Marketing, Production and Film Communities are Staying Safe and Still Thriving! Read How we Are Adjusting

AdChat DFW Agency, Marketing, Production and Film Communities are Staying Safe and Still Thriving! Read How we Are Adjusting

I’ve asked some top DFW companies within the AdChat DFW sphere, to provide a positive statement about how they are coping this new reality with the COVID19 pandemic. There has been such an overwhelming response that we’ve decided to post them spread out over a few days. 

These posts are aimed to inspire all of us to persevere by being resourceful, resilient and responsible, so that on the other side of it… praying it’s sooner than later…we can look back and see what we’ve learned about ourselves, our companies and our clients. 

To everyone who sent a message, thank you! If we missed your company and you would like to contribute your statement, please send it over to or directly to me at

Be inspired…


Tony Dieste | Founder & Chairman, Dieste Inc.

Be Brave|Be tough|Be disruptive|Be generous|Be Kind|Be open|Be aware|Be funny|Be curious|Be together.

Be brave, for in our business we’re uniquely built for this. Our definition of bravery isn’t necessarily diving with sharks or wrestling alligators. It’s what we do every day, new ideas, new paths, creative risks, rejection, innovation. Fear is the mind-killer. We will endure and thrive because we are built for this. #BeBrave.



Lola Lott |Principal/CEO, charlieuniformtango

“We’re having to work in some creatively different ways to get things done, but we’ve seen a real coming together in our industry – understanding necessary changes in how we work, dealing with postponements and cancellations, problem solving and working faster for clients who need to create new spots or add quickly to an existing campaign. We’re navigating the new normal, keeping momentum as best we can with safety for our team, our clients and their clients foremost in mind while abiding by the law as rules change. We’re a resilient bunch and we will get through this.”

-Lola Lott, Principal/CEO charlieuniformtango


Allison Farris | Executive Director of AAF Dallas | Chair of Ad 2 National

I hope you are all staying safe as we adjust to social distancing at home while working/teaching/being human! I wanted to share that we have MOST photos from the American Advertising Awards Gala up! All photo credit goes to Cinthia James Photography so please be sure to give her credit if you are sharing these!  NOTE: There are still some in the photographers queue, I do not have a current estimate on when they will be received but I will send a note as soon as I receive them!. We here at AAF Dallas are looking at how we will be revamping the next few months of events, so we are seriously grateful we had the chance to gather with you all last month and celebrate your talent.

Link to album here. 

Also because this week has been absolutely crazy, we will be extending the trophy duplicate order deadline until next Friday, March 27th. You can purchase here

Please stay healthy and safe over the coming weeks. Our industry is so important in times like these. We are beginning to discuss a special interest public service committee for our members who are looking to give back with their skills over the next few months so stay tuned on how you can work with your fellow admen and adwomen to help our local communities. In the meantime, please let us know how AAF can help. 

PS: I’d love to see your new work from home offices and co-workers! Here’s my current work from home co-worker! 

Elliot – Allison’s Co-Worker


Brent Harrington | Owner/Editor, 3008

We are definitely in a time of flux and unknown.  At 3008, we have been busy helping our current clients to re-work existing campaigns to fit with this unfortunate health crisis, as well as, helping new clients fulfill their current needs, by remotely serving all when possible.  Our goals are to maintain the high standards, both we and our clients expect.  And at the same time, maintain a solid workflow that coincides with the requested precautionary guidelines.

We are all One Family and we will get through this together.


Jessica Cramer, Executive Producer & Roger Peters, Director | Equilateral Films

Dear Friends,

We hope this letter finds you and your family well and in good health!

We are happy to let the community know that we are still working remote every day. We are capable of handling your production and post production needs remotely. Feel free to reach out and we can help strategize on how to keep things moving forward.

Also, please reach out to us if you need anything at all, it doesn’t have to be work related. We love our ad community and we are here for you, always!

Stay safe and be well friends!

Sending virtual foot fives,
– Jess & Roger, Equilateral 


Ellen Cook | President, Integer Dallas

While with anything that is unprecedented, there were a few issues to iron out as we initially launched our entire team across multiple offices to work remotely. However, we have quickly adjusted, and are now seamlessly working virtually.

Agency, department and team leadership communicates daily, sharing updates, best practices, inspiration and humor. And we’ve leveraged our existing platforms in new ways. For example, we’ve found Microsoft Teams incredibly intuitive and user-friendly. The video connect for virtual group meetings and 1:1 face-to-face conversations has allowed us all to stay exceedingly connected.

We’re full steam ahead on everything from moving our existing client work forward, to actively engaging with clients on scenario planning and leading/guiding on appropriate messaging and support, to virtual happy hours – I attended one with clients last night!

And in our specific business, with commerce and retail having been in a constant state of evolution this past decade, I am incredibly proud of our agency, our people and also our clients as we continue to press forward. We’ve faced challenges, and we are now faced with a new set of challenges. And through this, we will continue to partner with our clients to deliver thought leadership and new ways to deliver best-in-class work across brand strategy, communications, innovations and technology, physical retail, ecommerce and DTC.

Finally, we’re discussing how to connect with our community to lend support. We have many amazing small businesses and people in Dallas and LA who need our support now more than ever. And it is Integer’s priority to ensure that we are on the front lines.


From Claude Lock | Owner/Executive Producer, Apollo Films

During World War II, our country came together to overcome what seemed like insurmountable odds. At Apollo Films, we are committed to whatever is necessary to help combat the Covid-19 War. Make no mistake about this, it IS a War. Let’s pull together and beat this virus. Please follow the President’s Covid-19 task force recommendations. For awesome video content, visit Apollo Films.


Amy Aitken | Executive Producer, Infinite Fiction

Here at Infinite Fiction, all of us have changed the way we work and socialize to be safe and avert this viral threat. During these challenging days, please rest assured that we will continue to deliver the same highest level of design and animation you have come to know from us — even while working remotely.

Infinite Fiction is infinitely accessible. Our VPN gives us secure access to our servers at all times and we utilize remarkable remote desktop software that gives us full access to our workstations and onsite render farm. Whether it’s rendering, backups, project management or communication: as long as the satellites are in orbit, we’re on the clock. Our work continues in our remote laboratories.

Most importantly, we prioritize the safety of both our artists and our clients. That said, we wish all of our colleagues, family and friends well during this shared crisis and ask that you take the necessary precautions to be safe and stay healthy. In doing so, we can help minimize the spread together!

We are here to provide solutions. Let us know how we can help. Check our below animation inspired by circumstances in which we all find ourselves.



Chris Sekin | Co-Owner/ECD/Managing Partner & Kent Johnson, Owner/Creative Director at Johnson & Sekin

Hello Friends and Neighbors—
Here at J&S, we’re doing our part to flatten the curve. We’re working from home until the CDC gives the all clear. In the meantime, we’ll be communicating with each other and with each of you on email, text, Skype, Slack, FaceTime, MS Teams and good old-fashioned phone calls. We’re checking in on each other, clients, partners and friends. Sharing ideas, offering support, reassuring anxieties and sharing hand sanitizer.

We’re ready for this challenge. Kim Flores, our Director of Happiness, is on a mission to make sure we – and our clients – all have the support and the services we need for our professional and personal needs and for our emotional well being.

So how are you? How are your teams? How can we help? During these extraordinary times we know you might have a question or a special challenge that needs immediate attention. We’re here to offer advice, provide quick turn creative ideas and connect you with resources. We’re not worried about billable hours right now. We just want to make sure our community and friends have every resource they need to be safe and ready to flourish when this challenge has passed.

Shakespeare wrote King Lear while quarantined. We can’t wait to see what creative genius comes next!


Mike Sullivan | President/CEO LOOMIS

As for me, the LOOMIS team keeps me humble on a good day. The current circumstances have me feeling nothing but deep gratitude. We’ve just begun this new remote-work adventure, but I feel like we’re already getting our cadence down as a team. None of us expected or wanted this, but it’s a great test of our team’s ability to lead clients during crisis, respond quickly, and help them through it.  I’ve talked with nearly all our 65 team members, and I’m hearing a lot about how beneficial the learning will be on the other side. I love that! And, we will get to the other side. We navigated 9/11 and the Great Recession at LOOMIS, and we’ll clobber the virus, too! 

And also from LOOMIS…

Lauren Law, Director of Business Development: Advertising & Brand Strategy for Restaurants, Retail & Franchises. The LOOMIS Agency

Coronavirus 2020
By Lauren Useda Law 3.15.20

Corona, Corona,
Wreaking havoc on earth.
And causing a fuss.

Some people are lying,
About getting the test.
Some people are dying.
This thing is a mess.

School online learning.
And social distancing.
All sports are cancelled.
This virus is menacing.

Working from home,
As businesses close.
Stock market plummets
To investor’s deep woes.

Quarantine is required,
If you get sick.
Then Netflix or Prime
is what you might click.

Toilet paper hoarders,
Ridiculous panic.
Get a bidet already,
And quit going manic.

What’s going to happen?
One thing holds true.
Right now, Covid-19 isn’t
Worse than the flu.

This virus is causing
Many great sorrow.
Everyone be smart.
And you’ll get to tomorrow.

Stay away if you’re sick.
Cough in your arm.
Stay home if you have to.
And do no one harm.

Friends keep the faith.
Please don’t lose hope.
Reach out to others,
They’ll help you cope.

Read a good book.
Go for a walk.
Clean out a closet.
Call someone to talk.

This enemy will pass.
And life will return.
The next time this happens
We all will have learned.


Keith James | Partner/Senior Editor, Republic Editorial

Dear Friends of Republic Editorial

We know this may come as a surprise, but we’re super excited to announce that as of March 24th, Republic Editorial’s entire global workforce will all be working from home. Fortunately, the folks working out of the Uptown Dallas office actually began making this fun little transition several weeks ago.

By implementing the latest technology to allow our artists remote access to our servers and utilizing video conferencing and instant messaging to stay in touch with each other and our clients, we’ve had several artists and producers working from the safety and comfort of their own homes in recent weeks (‘comfort’ to be used loosely if they have children.)

Our sister company Infinite Fiction actually completed a similar all-office transition a few weeks ago (we thought about toilet papering their office while they were out but decided to ration it instead.) They’ve adapted so well to working from home that they even squeezed in time to create a little something we’d like to share with you to illustrate how well we got this thing down. Check it out by clicking the link here.

Here at Republic Editorial, we’ve pressure tested the workflow of our off-line, color, VFX, graphics, online and mix systems, and although things may take a little longer than when we’re all together (if you ask us for coffee, it will probably be cold by the time we get it to you), we’re happy to say that we’re still able to provide the same Premium Quality service you know and love.

We are all clearly headed into a new time for our industry, and we at Republic Editorial and Infinite Fiction are eager to tackle the challenges that may come. We welcome the opportunity for innovation and creativity, and know that you as our client share the same sentiments. As we all move forward and navigate this evolving experience, we are so grateful for you and your partnership. And for the fact that you actually read this all the way through.

Now go wash your hands.


And on that note from Keith, one of the funniest people I know, stay tuned for more posts later this week. Hang in there everyone, this will be over soon. 

-Patty Harrison | Editor-in-Chief, AdChat DFW

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