Friday 24 November 2017
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Editorial Spotlight! | Taco Bueno CMO Chats Tex-Mex QSR

Editorial Spotlight! | Taco Bueno CMO Chats Tex-Mex QSR

Sarah Beddoe Offers Tasty Insights Into Taco Bueno Marketing Strategies

When you think of Taco Bueno, it’s likely your mouth begins to water in anticipation of fresh-made-daily guacamole, tortilla chips and re-fried beans. But did you know that Taco Bueno has been serving up this delicious Tex-Mex fast food since 1967?  While many of their competition has gone the way of processed and frozen food, Taco Bueno has remained true to their roots, offering fresh and never frozen authentic Tex Mex recipes at fast food prices and convenience.

Sarah Beddoe, CMO for Taco Bueno was gracious to give AdChat DFW a fun and informative interview about their QSR market strategy, its top selling products and why she prefers to hire local ad agencies and partners. Also, we got some inside info on why Mike Roper, Taco Bueno’s CEO, decided to go on the CBS hit show Undercover Boss and what he learned from it.

Last month, Taco Bueno named TM Advertising their Creative Agency of Record.

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