About the author


I’ve amassed several skills and titles over the years personally and professionally. I’ve packed up all of those into one identity

Visual Artist.

A strong purveyor of aesthetics, my works take on the role of narration as well. Creating bodies of work that go along a story usually within itself or for a larger construct that I’m ever building. I explore a minimal approach with calculated production and intensive design. Utilizing subjects in various mediums for viewers to align it as an experience. One through simple and direct imagery.

My years of experience in production and post-production, have branched me into working across many industries including advertising, branding, marketing, and entertainment. My role at times exceeded more than my job title for particular projects, taking on the role of art and creative direction. Utilizing my skills as a photographer, I quickly took on filmmaking and directing. From fashion films to music videos and more recently, commercial directing. Simultaneously, I’m active in the art community locally and abroad, to activate my exhibitions, events, and installations.

Clients include Stetson USA, Crown Royal, eBay sneakers, Haggar, Nike, A&E tv, d magazine, New York Times, patron magazine, JCPenny, Sony, Def Jam Records, Columbia records, warner bros. Music, JBW watches, Breda watches, Capital One.