Thursday 13 August 2020
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The Richards Group & Lucky Create New Spot “Water is Awesome” | Illustrates That Water is Not To Be Wasted

The Richards Group & Lucky Create New Spot “Water is Awesome” | Illustrates That Water is Not To Be Wasted

Water conservation is important throughout the year, but as summer heats up it is especially vital not to waste this precious resource. A new spot “Water Is Awesome,” via agency The Richards Group, reminds us to keep Texas water on tap in a truly colorful way. Created by Lucky’s Seth Olson, illustrations with a watercolor pastiche feature splashes of hue that flow from one image to the next to emphasize the conservation message. 

Vibrant and bold, the campaign shows just how important water is to keeping North Texas cool and connected. Working from the agency’s visual references and photographs of key landmarks taken by Lucky’s Sai Selvarajan, Olson approached the project’s design and animation using ink splashes and bleeds in the watercolor-textured illustrations to give the final piece the desired organic feel. In addition to the motion spot, Lucky produced illustrations for highly-visible print deliverables, such as bus skins, so the digital message would be more widely amplified.

“I’ve done some digital painting both in personal projects and for commercial work at Lucky. This was the largest and most challenging collection to date, and working with the agency – albeit remotely – was really terrific,” says Olson. “Water conservation has always been important to me. It Is both an honor and a privilege to work on a piece that is both aesthetically and ethically rewarding.”

Agency: The Richards Group
Creative Directors: Bill Cochran and Brian Linder
Art Director: Ashlin Hart
Writer: Alexis Crowell
Producer: Erin Gardner
Project Manager: Allison Golden
Brand Management Lead: Elizabeth Clayton
Brand Producer: Jay Pritchard

Animation Production + Post: Lucky
Editor/Design/Creative Director: Sai Selvarajan
Design/Animation: Seth Olson
Sound Design/Mix: Matt Cimino
Assist: Alex Heistercamp
Producer: Anne Strock

Music: Asche & Spencer

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