Monday 25 January 2021
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Southern Sky Films Opens Post-production Facility OUTLAW POST | Read AdChat DFW Interview

Southern Sky Films Opens Post-production Facility OUTLAW POST | Read AdChat DFW Interview

Kent Bishop, Partner/Managing Director, Southern Sky Films, recently announced the formation of a new post-production facility, OUTLAW POST. We thought we’d learn a little more in this Q & A with him and their Executive Producer, Lisa Wisenbaker.

Kent Bishop

AdChat DFW: Why did you start OUTLAW POST?

Kent Bishop: We wanted to be able to provide our agency and direct clients a first class end-to-end production and post experience. Client budgets and creative output needs have changed a lot in the past few years, so we designed a post house that would work within budget without sacrificing creative quality.

AdChat DFW: What are your facilities like?

Kent Bishop: OUTLAW is located in the same space as our production company in Deep Ellum. We just finished Suite A, which is our larger offline suite along with Suite B which is an offline/online combo room. We have all the traditional kitchen/bar accommodations along with plenty of quiet office and conference space for clients. We will be announcing an open house in the next few weeks once everything is back to normal.

AdChat DFW: Tell us about your editorial roster?

Kent Bishop: I’m super excited about our editorial roster at OUTLAW! Agency folks will likely be familiar with these names and faces. So much talent.


Greg Sunmark

Greg Sunmark is a one-man wrecking crew. He’s known as a phenomenal editor and he is also incredibly capable as a VO artist, colorist and sound designer. All around great guy. (


Patrick Hammond

Patrick Hammond is a super talented editor who we’ve worked with on the post side quite a bit. He’s a pleasure to work with and an editor we absolutely had to get in the mix. (


Jackson McMartin

Jackson McMartin is a rising-star editor who has worked with a lot of great brands as of late including RAM, PF Chang’s and Wingstop. He has worked with our EP, Lisa Wisenbaker, for a long time and is a super awesome dude. (


Isaac Murray

Isaac Murray is our multi-talented colorist and VFX artist who we’ve worked with on the production side since our inception. He’s been so invaluable to our team and I can’t think of a better fit for our culture. One of the most creatively talented human beings I know with a strong understanding of the agency/client process and needs. (


Lisa Wisenbaker- Executive Producer @ OUTLAW POST

Lisa Wisenbaker

AdChat DFW: Why did you decide to join Outlaw Post?

Lisa Wisenbaker: I decided to join OUTLAW POST because I have a great deal of faith in the guys behind Southern Sky Films and was excited for the opportunity to work with them to take the knowledge I’ve gained from working with post houses and agencies to develop a new space in the market.

AdChat DFW: What makes OUTLAW POST Post different?

Lisa Wisenbaker: After meeting with the team from Southern Sky Films to discuss their expansion into the post realm, I resonated with their vision for an updated kind of post structure. Coming from working in traditional post houses, as well as an agency internal production team, I have always looked to streamline workflows for post without losing quality. We’re fortunate to have talented editors and partners that share that vision, and everything came together quickly and seamlessly – not unlike how we’re planning to tackle our projects!

AdChat DFW: What is OUTLAW’S biggest strength?

Lisa Wisenbaker: OUTLAW’s greatest strengths are its people and flexibility. The people and partners that are part of the OUTLAW family have been chosen based on their ability to work effectively and efficiently, while putting out quality artistry, and having the ability to find solutions for a variety of needs along the way.

Basic Info

Lisa Wisenbaker – Executive Producer
(Past: 3008, The Marketing Arm & ReelFX)

Greg Sunmark – Senior Editor
(Past: Charlie Uniform Tango & ReelFX)

Patrick Hammond – Senior Editor
(Past: Republic Editorial & Red Car)

Jackson McMartin – Editor
(Past: 3008)

Isaac Murray – VFX/Finishing + Color
(Past: Rockfish & Southern Sky Films)

Burning Tractor – VFX/Finishing
Dallas Audio Post – Post Audio

Location: 3900 Willow Street, Suite 200, Dallas, TX 75226
Phone: (972) 523-6836

Southern Sky Films OUTLAW POST

Our motto is pretty simple. If you combine incredible talent, experienced crews, awesome attitudes, and Southern hospitality, you're going to have an amazing experience and create something you'll be really proud to share. Southern Sky Films strives to achieve this and more on every creative project on which we partner. OUTLAW POST is the Best Little Post House in Texas Drop us a line to learn more.