Tuesday 20 October 2020
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SC Pictures Demonstrates How to Shoot During COVID | Adds Jodi James as New Rep

SC Pictures Demonstrates How to Shoot During COVID | Adds Jodi James as New Rep

SC Pictures killed two birds with one stone while recently shooting a spot for their SDG&E client. Since they were following the Texas Film Commission guidelines anyway, they decided to produce a shoot within a shoot to show the precautions they take to keep client, cast and crew safe.  We asked Stewart Cohen, Director/Owner at SC Pictures about the shoot and the video.

AdChat DFW: Why did you make this video specifically about shooting safely during COVID-19?

Stewart: We were producing this project so I figured that we should take the opportunity to film this and get the message out to our clients and friends and show how we are getting back to work in a safe manner.

AdChat DFW: What have been your biggest challenges to meet the Texas Film Commission guidelines?

Stewart: The biggest challenge has really been getting adjusted to working under these different conditions. I will just say that I hope it is not the new normal and this passes soon.

AdChat DFW: How much fun is it to be back at it?

Stewart: It is a lot of fun to be back on set. You know, after a day shooting you remember why we do what we do, and how much fun it actually is.

Also, I think that future work is going to get much better since everyone has stepped off the treadmill for a second and have been forced to reassess our true directions.

AdChat DFW: On another note, it’s exciting that you’ve added Jodi James as your new representative for SC Pictures.

Stewart: We are very excited to have Jodi onboard. We’ve worked with her for many years at StudioTribe and know that she is a great fit for us. Her knowledge and expertise will lend well to show off our work.

Here’s a little bio on her.

SC Pictures is now represented by local Artists’ Rep, Jodi James.  For those that don’t know her already, Jodi has worked in the creative production industry for years and continues to represent StudioTribe, a local post-production studio. “Adding Stewart and his team to my roster just felt like a great idea as clients continue to look for turnkey solutions for content creation,” Jodi states.  “Stewart has vast experience in lifestyle photography and commercial production both on location and in-studio.  That paired with the post-production services that StudioTribe offers (retouching, video editing, & color, animation, CGI & visual fx for motion), equips me to partner with clients to produce projects of all scales and for any medium.”  Jodi looks forward to introducing (or re-introducing in many cases) SC Pictures’ book of work to DFW agencies and corporations as the area continues to grow.  If you have any inquiries or would like to collaborate on how to produce your next project, you can email Jodi at

Watch the video.

Stewart Cohen

Canadian born Director/Photographer Stewart Cohen loves people. It's this love that he uses in his approach to create authentic and compelling stories, be they stills or motion. The viewer is left wanting to know the beginning, ending and sequel. “With cameras, I get to explore places and meet people that I’d never know. So I’m always out there—watching for a moment, for the giveaway emotions. I just want the viewer to feel what I see.”