Sunday 24 January 2021
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Red Racer Advertising Brings Home Graphis Gold

Red Racer Advertising Brings Home Graphis Gold

Dallas Agency’s Creative Direction Pays Dividends

In a highly competitive creative landscape of advertising agencies, Dallas-based, full-service advertising agency Red Racer Advertising was rewarded for ingenuity and creativity by taking home the Gold Award at the Graphis Advertising Annual 2016.

The honor was awarded to Red Racer for their inventive print ad campaign in Underground Construction Magazine representing the marketing message of Radius Horizontal Directional Drilling.

“Our goal was to depart from the status quo of ads featured in Underground Construction Magazine,” said Scott Crowell, partner/creative director of Red Racer Advertising. “We needed to break out of the sea of sameness with a bold idea.”

Red Racer created a product-featured ad campaign that played off of the personalities of the individuals who use the product. The key was humor and jokes. Tapping into funny stories shared over the water cooler and practical jokes played on the job site allowed Red Racer’s creative team to fuel bright and upbeat ads sure to attract product users. The concept was a departure in the industry, but a strategy that paid dividends. The campaign yielded positive results for Radius Horizontal Directional Drilling as evidenced by a marked incremental increases in sales and web traffic.

“Some of our customers liked the ad so much they even pinned it to their bulletin boards,” Crowell added. “While all of our campaigns meet a high standard of excellence, we are so honored that this campaign was recognized with a gold award by Graphis.”

The full campaign can be viewed on here.


Red Racer Advertising is a full-service agency based in Dallas, Texas, that creates award-winning advertising and marketing solutions for local, regional and national clients – from nutritional supplements to telecommunications to healthcare.



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