Wednesday 13 November 2019
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One Year Anniversary of ATK PLN Celebrated with an Emmy & AICP Award

One Year Anniversary of ATK PLN Celebrated with an Emmy & AICP Award

Just one year into its branch launch, Dallas-based strategic creative group ATK PLN has taken the screen, commercial and feature works alike, by storm. Since launching in 2018, they have established themselves as a company to watch in Dallas.

At the Emmys, ATK PLN was awarded Top Commercial and Best Promotion: Program Single Spot Campaign for their invigorating motion graphics work with the Cleveland Cavaliers. They also recently took home the AICP Post Award for “Best of the Southwest” for their work on a powerful Mother’s Against Drunk Driving PSA “Philip’s Story.”

This winter, they stepped up to the Grand Prix of advertising, bringing beloved animated characters to life for the Mercedes Say the Word” Super Bowl spot featuring Ludacris. The spot features an A-Class owner making his way through the city–exercising omnipotence over everyday dilemmas, sports outcomes, ATMs and the fate of iconic pop-culture characters–as well as transforming a lofty, operatic crescendo into a rap concert.

Mercedes Super Bowl Spot – “Say the Word”

ATK PLN leveraged its dual background in feature film animation and brand marketing to infuse this spot with the animated characters that viewers have known and loved for decades. Bringing an astute level of attention to detail, they ensured the continuity of not only the beloved character designs, but the nuanced movements, expressions and mannerisms that have grown them into the nostalgic personalities and have solidified them as lasting legacies in entertainment.

The ATK PLN team has also lent their feature animation expertise to branded work, including creating next-level visual effects to showcase AT&T’s new Flexware technology, a dynamic CG spot for the highly anticipated launch of “Fallout 76,” and a design-driven spot for the popular cloud-based workflow toolset Slack.

In the world of feature films, ATK PLN made promotional animated materials to promote the upcoming Paramount Pictures’ Wonder Park, STX Films’ Ugly Dolls, and Warner Bros’ LEGO Movie 2.

In just a year, ATK PLN has risen as a top player in both the Dallas and national industry space–offering a unique expertise at the intersection of studio entertainment and branded content. 


ATK PLN is a strategic creative group positioned firmly at the intersection of design, animation and live action. They fuse design-driven visuals with feature film finesse, telling stories on screens of all sizes. With offices in Hollywood, Dallas and Montreal, ATK PLN’s work entertains, elicits emotion and elevates brand success for their partners.