Wednesday 12 December 2018
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New Company in Town, Cinestate, Seeks Unique Stories and Storytellers in DFW

New Company in Town, Cinestate, Seeks Unique Stories and Storytellers in DFW

A Great Idea Can Come from Anywhere

Two great DFW personalities have teamed up to form Cinestate, a cutting-edge business model that seeks content from idea creators everywhere and helps to bring their stories to fruition.

Indie film producer (and former agent and manager) Dallas Sonnier who is known both for his family’s high-profile tragedy and filmmaking success, has teamed up with Will Evans, the founder of renowned non-profit independent publishing house Deep Vellum Publishing, described by Flavorwire as “one of the small presses changing the face of the publishing industry,” to create a new breed of “ultra-indie” content company which blends the largely disparate worlds of indie publishing and filmmaking.  It serves as a one-stop-shop for artists seeking to bring their stories out into the world.

Will Evans

Will Evans-Cinestate

The company, which launched earlier this month, has a great backstory: two guys from two very very different backgrounds who separately envisioned one day creating companies like Cinestate, but only met in person a few months ago, when Dallas (the person) returned to Dallas (the city) where Will had already launched his publishing house. They quickly realized over some intensely caffeinated beverages that they had to work together – and bring something incredibly different to the entertainment industry in all its many forms, inspired by their experiences in their respective worlds, surprised and inspired by the fact nobody had ever really done this before.

The goal of Cinestate is to identify unique stories and storytellers, give those artists more active involvement in the iterations of their projects (book, e-book, audiobook, and independent film), and successfully launch them to audiences – all under one roof.

The path from incredible idea to any published or finished medium is usually incredibly daunting – and many great stories remain untold (and unknown) because of it. By drawing on their experiences as publishers and producers – this new venture looks to change that.

Another unique facet of the company will be Audiostates (the first releasing early 2017), which totally overhauls the traditional narrative audio experience. Audiostates feature the voices of top talent, pristine production quality, and are adapted from unproduced film scripts, not books, so you get an incredible hybrid of cinematic and audio experiences akin to listening to a Hollywood movie.

As part of its mission to work with bold, visionary creators, Cinestate is hungry for fresh talent and unique voices. In addition to current projects, the company is looking for incredible writing talent who have stories that are cinematic in scope, with a great hook.

They can include stories in any genre (horror, mystery, sci-fi, thrillers, political dramas, action, and/or literary). They are seeking creators from diverse backgrounds that want to create a long-term relationship with a startup entertainment company that values its authors and consistently grows their audience across media platforms.

Cinestate prefers submissions in the electronic form and for a very limited time will be accepting both proposals and manuscripts. Please email them to

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