Monday 25 May 2020
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Lucky Post Embraces “The Little Things” For JCPenney’s New Holiday Campaign

Lucky Post Embraces “The Little Things” For JCPenney’s New Holiday Campaign

The new campaign for JCPenney reminds viewers to remember the little things – special moments and small gestures that make the holidays a special time. The little things are also small children, eager to embrace the magic of the season and welcome it with helping hands and smiling faces. In one of the spots a mother of a young boy eagerly doing chores asks, “What’s gotten into him?” The answer? Christmas.

The campaign was directed by Don Broida of Spears & Arrows and edited by Lucky Post’s Logan Hefflefinger for JCPenney’s in-house agency. As the entire campaign is comprised of :15 second spots, Logan explains that he started with the hero moment in each, reverse engineering the edit to build a story to effectively fit into the small space of time while allowing the reveal to breathe.

“It was a great collaboration,” Logan relates. “The agency team concepted the campaign around these quick, relatable moments and were decisive and supportive throughout. The edit was built on visual language that quickly builds to reveal each hero moment – one that connects with the playful, family-centric experiences that are part of the holidays.”

Lucky Post also provided audio, color, graphics and finish to help deliver this sweet holiday package.

Client: JCPenney
Creative Director: Lucinda Simmons
Senior Creative Manager/Copy: Candyce Vanterpool
Senior Creative Manager/Art: Josh Schoemaker
Executive Producer: Kathleen Torres

Production Company: Spears & Arrows
Director: Don Broida
Executive Producer: Jason Wolk

Post: Lucky Post
Editor: Logan Hefflefinger
Assistant Editor: Jake Odgers
Executive Producer: Jessica Berry
Graphics: Seth Olson, Ryan Wilson, Jake Odgers
Audio: Scottie Richardson
Color: Neil Anderson
Finish: Mark Sullivan

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