Wednesday 29 January 2020
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Loomis Helps United Methodist Communications Share Message of Hope

Loomis Helps United Methodist Communications Share Message of Hope

Nearly twenty percent of adults feel lonely, left out, and isolated, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation survey. United Methodist Church Communications is offering help with a new advertising campaign breaking this week around the country.

In the latest of a long series of ad campaigns created for the denomination’s communications group by The LOOMIS Agency, scenes illustrating common life struggles are narrated with a voiceover observing that, “Life isn’t perfect, you’re not the only one feeling overwhelmed.” The spots suggest that opening to God’s love and finding human connection through the UMC faith community is a way to reclaim a personal sense of hope and joy.

See “Not the Only One Campaign

“We wanted to capture those emotional moments of chaos and imperfection we all experience and contrast them with moments of engagement offered by The United Methodist community. The takeaway – being involved with this community can help people live their best, most fulfilled life,” said Kim Smith, Creative Director at LOOMIS. 

The United Methodist Church community offers much more than church services, according to Jennifer Rodia, Chief Communications Officer for UMC.

“We’re always striving to become a vital, central part of members’ lives. Different churches fulfill this in different ways and on different levels, so members can find the local church that’s right for them,” she said.

Shot in the client’s hometown of Nashville, using both UMC staff and local crew, the campaign is directed at an audience UMC calls “Seekers,” or those who have an interest in spiritual matters but don’t currently attend church.

The new campaign breaks across digital channels including Advanced TV, Programmatic, Paid Search, and Boosted Social on November 1, and will run through Christmas in all top 20 markets. Out-of-Home will be added to the schedule for Advent beginning November 25.

The campaign was developed under the leadership of LOOMIS creative team members including Kim Smith and Tina Tackett, and was directed by Brian Bain and Jake Springfield of TEMPT FILMS. Music was scored and produced by LOOMIS sister company, Luminous Sound. All work was cast with UMC members.  

LOOMIS is a full-service advertising agency based in Dallas, Texas, serving the unique needs of challenger brands by helping them unlock hidden potential. The agency serves national and regional clients and has been recognized by Advertising Age magazine as a “Best Small Agency of the Year” in the Southwest.

The Loomis Agency

LOOMIS is a full-service advertising agency in Dallas that specializes in defining and leveraging the strategic advantages for challenger brands. The agency was founded in 1984 by Paul Loomis, a composer and musician who earned a national reputation for brand-image music development. He expanded the agency in 1998 to meet the growing demand, and today, LOOMIS is a unique blend of record-setting advertising services and world-class music production. Learn more at