Wednesday 29 January 2020
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“Joie de Hooha” FemiClear Spot Created by 31,000 FT & Edited by Republic Editorial

“Joie de Hooha” FemiClear Spot Created by 31,000 FT & Edited by Republic Editorial
By David Burn

Singing vaginas is not the answer you might expect, no matter the question. Yet, here we are, and in this case, it’s a good answer because the Whole Foods shopper doesn’t want rancid chemical solvents on, in, or near her body.

That’s why OrganiCare CEO and serial entrepreneur, Caroline Goodner, is battling industry juggernauts to provide a more natural and more effective alternative for yeast infections.

FemiClear, a two-day treatment now available nationwide in all Target stores, is a combination of all-natural ingredients: olive oil and extract, calendula, tea tree oil and lavender essential oil.

“We wanted to be bold. We know we have a product women will love and we wanted the creative to tell our story in a way that celebrates women and their health. Not only did the ‘Joie de hooha’ campaign excite us, but it excited retailers nationwide, leading to increased distribution at Walgreens, Walmart, and CVS,” said Goodner.

The campaign, created by 31,000 FT in Addison, Texas, carries the tagline ‘Joie de hooha’ and celebrates the joy of a ‘hooha’ that has been quickly cured with an all-natural and organic treatment.

“We knew we were taking on the giant in the category, Monistat, and we had to get women’s attention. This campaign celebrates women’s health and makes a taboo subject not just acceptable, but joyful,” said Kristina Blake, Creative Director at 31,000 FT, the creative agency for OrganiCare.

The campaign’s network and cable television commercials were directed by Jordan Brady of Superlounge and edited by Keith James of Republic Editorial. Social media campaigns, a “7 Days of Joie” giveaway and an Instagram series ‘Hooha Wednesdays’ launch in early August.

“We want to let women know there is a way to keep yourself healthy and happy without using chemicals to cure your yeast infection,” said Blake. “Friends don’t let friends put chemicals in their hooha!.”

ABOUT 31,000 FT
31,000 FT is a full-service creative advertising agency, partnering with national, regional and local clients, based in Addison, Texas. Team members share a passion for developing brand strategy, social strategy, broadcast/digital/print advertising, video content and web design with 99.4% less bureaucracy.

FemiClear is a two-day yeast infection treatment (sometimes referred to as FemiClear 2 or FemiClear 2-Day) that is formulated as a homeopathic cure using just 5 all-natural ingredients. Scientific validation is our hallmark, and our team has decades of experience developing disruptive consumer products that are compliant with FDA standards.


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