Monday 25 May 2020
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Groove Jones Produces Wells Fargo VR Experience for HR Management Training

Groove Jones Produces Wells Fargo VR Experience for HR Management Training

When Wells Fargo and MKTG asked us to help them improve upon an existing VR management training video developed by another group, we jumped at the chance.

The Task

We were asked to create 4 VR training modules that allowed the managers to observe interactions between team members dealing with a customer’s needs. Each module had a test at the end to test how the manager on how they thought the situation should have been handled.

Our solution was both a technical production advancement to achieve realism and an interactive advancement from the previous productions.

Our team proposed a solution after extensive research that used new 3D face tracking capabilities of the iPhone X and would be produced for use on the Oculus Go. We used the iPhone X paired with a full body motion capture suit to carefully act out and recreate real life, management training scenarios encountered in the bank branch and call centers. We also carefully replicated the environments as management would experience them.

The end results were stunning and allowed management to select from multiple scenarios within the Oculus headset via a carousel menu. The lifelike scenes replicated exact scenarios that management will engage with. Furthermore, the use of VR and ease of distribution of content will lead to a serious ROI throughout the lifecycle of the training.

Scenario 1: Fee Reversal

The scene takes place in the call center where two team members help a customer with a fee reversal.

Scenario 2: Credential Reset

The scene takes place in the branch office and involved multiple team members at the location as well as a call center team member with resetting the credentials of the customer.

Scenario 3: Opening a Savings Account

The scene takes place in the call center where a team member helps a customer with setting up a savings account. The scenario also involves communication with a branch team member to help advise the customer.

Scenario 4: Monitoring Account Balance

The scene takes place in the branch office and involves multiple team members solving a customer’s challenge monitoring their account balances.

Testing Your Observations

At the end of each scenario, the manager is given a multiple choice test on how the team member performed and options they should have taken.


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