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Equilateral Merges Fashion, Art and VFX Design for FORTY FIVE TEN

Written by Equilateral

What do you get when you blend a beautiful woman wearing elegant clothing with captivating imagery from the DFW area? A beautifully shot video from Equilateral for FORTY FIVE TEN, a downtown Dallas boutique that merges fashion, art & design while championing the new, the unconventional, the eclectic and the inspired. 

The campaign idea to use visuals from iconic DFW locations, came from FORTY FIVE TEN Creative Director, Jonathan Merla. He was inspired by a series of sculptures on which the blue egg background sculpture is based. The egg image is seen throughout the entire video in numerous visual effects.


Using Jonathan’s sculptural idea as a springboard, Equilateral’s Director Roger Peters brought a vibrant and ethereal vision to the project. Merging shots of grass, blue egg, skyscrapers, and an art museum as the background visuals, he showcased product shots and model close-ups.

It was important for Jonathan and Roger to find a balance of captivating imagery while showcasing the elegance of the clothing. 


Equilateral shot at 3 vastly different DFW locations including a farm, an art gallery and at the top of a parking garage. The result is a promotional video that fulfills the promise of the boutique: to merge fashion, art, and design.


Director: Roger Peters, Equilateral 
Editor/VFX: Max Smith, Equilateral 
Executive Producer: Jessica Cramer, Equilateral 
Creative Director: Jonathan Merla | FORTY FIVE TEN
Model: Makayla Harmon, Kim Dawson

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