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Digital Fight Club Cyber | Pre-Fight Interviews + the Fights | Talk About It!

Written by AdChat DFW

The Place: The Grenada Theatre

The Event: Digital Fight Club Cyber

The Date: April 19, 2023

The fight card was set. Big name fighters at big name firms were ready to give their all on stage in a knock-down, drag-out battle of wits on April 19 in front of a room full of CISOs.

AdChat’s Patty Harrison was on the scene to interview the fighters and referees before the event. 

Check it out…

The Fights 

Fight #1: Zero Trust
Allan Alford – Producer, Cyber Ranch Podcast vs Mark Mahovlich – VP, Strategy, ICM Cyber

Fight #2: Ransomware Victims
Alex Cherones – MD, Cyber, Risk & Regulatory vs Dave Trader – Field CISO, Presidio

Fight #3: The Cyber Hiring Problem
Mike Saylor – CEO, Blackswan Cybersecurity vs Jessie Bolton – CEO, Bolt Resources

Fight #4: To certify or not to certify?
Jessica Nemmers – Field CISO, Flair Data Systems vs Andrew Winkelmann – MD, Cloud/Infrastructure Security, Accenture

Fight #5: Government Cyber Regulation
Julio Casblanca – Field CISO, WWT vs Sharon Reynolds – Principal, Kudelski Security


• Pat Benoit – Global CISO, Brinks
• Sujeet Bambawale – CISO, 7-Eleven
• Sarah McMahon – VP, Endpoint Systems, Federal Reserve
• Cecil Pineda – CISO, R1 RCM
• David Bell – CISO – American Airlines

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