Friday 14 August 2020
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Decorated Ft. Worth Cop Launches Podcast “Ideas for the Open-Minded” | Publishes “Life in the Fish Bowl”

Decorated Ft. Worth Cop Launches Podcast “Ideas for the Open-Minded” | Publishes “Life in the Fish Bowl”

“Life in The Fish Bowl”, covers Tegan Broadwater’s deep undercover work in Operation Fish Bowl, a self-initiated project turned massive FBI operation in Fort Worth Texas that sentenced 51 violent Crip gang members to prison. Broadwater details his harrowing experiences within this operation, the relationships he garnered, and his cultural awakening amidst gang-infested neighborhoods. All profits from his book are donated to local charities that mentor children of incarcerated parents.

In Fort Worth last month, Tegan launched and hosts a local podcast, “Ideas for the Open-Minded”, for open-minded people who may not agree with one another, but are interested in listening and learning from new perspectives. Now on its 3rd episode, the podcast delves into important topics such as race relations, leadership, business, violence, prison reform, law enforcement, children of incarcerated parents, and more.

A four-time nominee for the Fort Worth Police Department’s Officer of the Year, Tegan received dozens of awards during his 13-year career. Among those, one for tracking, locating and seizing C-4 explosives during a gang retaliation plot, two from the Texas Senate for his protection work at “Ground Zero” during the 9-11 catastrophe. Tegan earned a United States Attorney Commendation and was named FWPD Officer of the Year. In addition, the Fish Bowl operation was nominated for the F.B.I.’s Overall Case of the Year in 2007.

Broadwater, a retired police officer, and author, became vocal years ago about race and equality. He supports the Black Lives Matter Movement and has opinions on what is learned, and taught, on both sides. His tenure with the Fort Worth PD included stints with Narcotics, Gang, Homicide, and the FBI’s Gang and Violent Crimes Task Force. He also worked cases alongside the DEA, Secret Service, and ATF.

Tegan is also the founder and President of Fort Worth’s Tactical Systems Network; a protection, security & investigations firm providing high-level consultancy, service, and assessments.

He speaks professionally about education and how knowledge of history is key, as well as police reform, police training and education, over-incarceration of black men and the cycles that forced racial poverty creates.

Listen to the latest podcast.

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