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Celebrated 3D Creative Director Joins Groove Jones to Spearhead Artistic and Technical Innovation

Written by Groove Jones

Groove Jones, the award-winning technology company, is thrilled to announce the addition of Hatem Ben Abdallah to its team. With over two decades of unparalleled expertise in 3D design, visual effects, and motion design, Ben Abdallah steps into his new role, ready to be part of the team that leads the company’s next wave of innovative projects and collaborations.

Before his move to Groove Jones, Ben Abdallah contributed to over 200 projects in various capacities, including art director, designer, and senior 3D artist/motion designer. Notably, he was the Senior Motion Designer for the Emmy-winning “Home Before Dark” on Apple TV+ and the Art Director for the Oscar-nominated documentary “The Gatekeepers.” His vast experience encompasses commercials, TV series, features, and more, characterized by a deep passion for design, art, lighting, and storytelling.

Ben Abdallah’s skillset is broad and impressive, spanning art direction, 3D motion design, lighting, look development, visual storytelling, visual effects, AI, visual pitch design, architecture, cinematography, composition, editing, and more. His work has always been about merging artistic vision with technical proficiency to create engaging, compelling designs and narratives. Now at Groove Jones, Ben Abdallah is excited to leverage his expertise in a new and innovative environment.

“Hatem’s creativity, innovation, and talent in 3D design and visual storytelling have set industry benchmarks and inspired colleagues,” said Dale Carman, partner and co-founder at Groove Jones. “His addition to the Groove Jones team promises fresh perspectives and innovations, aligning with our mission to merge art, technology, and innovation. His visionary and technical skills are key to our future success and transformative projects.”

“I am truly excited and grateful to join the Groove Jones family,” said Ben Abdallah. “The opportunity to work with such talented, creative, and innovative individuals is thrilling. I am particularly drawn to Groove Jones’s pioneering work in AR and VR, and

immersive approaches and experiences, which represents an exciting avenue to apply my skills in new and groundbreaking ways.

“Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in immersive experiences aligns with my desire to contribute with visual excellence and meaning to projects that blend art, innovation, and technology.”

Ben Abdallah’s arrival at Groove Jones is a testament to the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of immersive experiences. His expertise in art direction, 3D design, lighting, and visual storytelling will undoubtedly contribute to Groove Jones’s mission of creating compelling, innovative, and meaningful projects that blend art, innovation, and technology.

“We are excited to welcome Hatem to our team,” said Dan Ferguson, partner and co-founder at Groove Jones. “His talent and experience in creativity and tech make him a perfect fit for our vision and future projects. We look forward to seeing the new heights we will reach with Hatem’s contribution.”

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