Monday 25 January 2021
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What to Post

AdChat DFW Welcomes All News, Big and Small

Agency News:
Account account wins, announce new hires, show off new work and content for broadcast, internet, social, print etc.

CMOs, Marketing Directors, Marketing Managers weigh in on how they are keeping up with latest big data insights, display current work, offer thought leadership on current and future trends, etc.

Showing off new shooting techniques, profiling completed or upcoming production etc. This can apply to all mediums: TV, radio, video, print, OOH, animation etc.

Film makers have much to talk about, so please contribute information about your current or future productions and the companies and individuals you are using to create your masterpieces.

Talent Profiles:
On-camera, VO, audio mixers, colorists, composers, directors…talent abounds in many places and you can lend these special people some spotlight.

Upcoming Events:
There is always something happening in our industry that our viewers want to know about. Please provide event details and something exciting about it so we may properly billboard it and include it in our event calendar.

Thought Leadership:
All bloggers are welcome, in fact we encourage you to use AdChat DFW as your platform to get your ideas out there. And we regularly choose one for our Editor’s Pick.

The list is almost endless … so what are you waiting for? SUBMIT STORY