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Super Stock Acquires the Esteemed ‘Father of Stock Photography’ H. A. Roberts Archive, Widely Known as Classic Stock

Written by SuperStock

SuperStock, a leading provider of high-quality visual content, proudly announces its acquisition of the esteemed H. Armstrong Roberts Archive, widely recognized as ClassicStock. The collection, which spans nearly a century of photographic history, was recently purchased from the family of the late Bob Roberts III, who passionately preserved and nurtured the file created by his grandfather in 1920. Being the first to deliberately shoot images for the purpose of licensing Roberts is widely regarded as the “father of stock photography”.

Stewart Cohen, CEO of SuperStock, expressed the company’s pride in officially incorporating the archive into their image family. “This acquisition not only reflects our commitment to preserving photographic history but also honors Bob Roberts’ legacy of excellence. We recognize the immense value of the archive and are dedicated to ensuring its accessibility globally. Beyond licensing, we aim to showcase its iconic imagery through potential book publications.”

The acquisition marks a significant stock image accumulation for SuperStock, with the collection boasting approximately 27,000 digitized images readily available for licensing and an additional 100,000 images slated for digitization and market introduction.

Roberta Groves, Bob Roberts’ widow, shared, “I know Bob would be thrilled that the archive has found a home at SuperStock.  Stewart is the perfect guardian of these historic, and yet, timeless images. Bob often remarked that human stories never change, just the fashions do.”

Even with its acquisition by SuperStock, the archive will maintain its identity as a standalone collection. Plans for a dedicated website are underway to honor the archive’s heritage and increase accessibility to photographers, creatives, and enthusiasts worldwide.

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