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Oh Yeah Texans! Watch Quaid, Wilson, Thornton, Harrelson, McConaughey, Powell & More Tell Us We Need to Contact Our State Rep Like…NOW!

Written by TXMPA

We are 17 days away from the end of the 88th legislative session y’all and this one will be for the history books! If you have not contacted your state representative and asked him/her to vote for this legislation do it now!

Follow this link to find your State Representative –

And check out this video starring Dennis Quaid, Owen Wilson, Billy Bob Thornton, Woody Harrelson, Matthew McConaughey, Glen Powell and a few Texas-based folks who believe in Texas film production. 

Let your representative know you support the Texas Film Incentive.
We shine a spotlight on the importance of the Texas Film Incentive and how it positively impacts our great state. Join us as we rally support from celebrities, influencers, and the community to bring back the film industry to Texas and create opportunities for economic growth and job creation.

Texas is not just a land of beautiful landscapes and iconic locations; it’s also a hub for talented film professionals and a thriving film industry. However, over the years, funding for the Texas Film Incentive has diminished, leading to the migration of film productions and jobs to neighboring states.

We address the misconceptions that the film incentive only benefits bigwig Hollywood producers and actors. The truth is that supporting the Texas Film Incentive means supporting real Texas jobs. It benefits not just the actors and directors but also the electricians, carpenters, drivers, makeup artists, hair stylists, and countless other Texas-based workers who make film productions possible.

By reposting this video, you are showing your support for legislation that will revitalize the Texas Film Incentive. Together, we can bring back movies, TV shows, jobs, and positive economic growth to Texas. It’s time to showcase our state’s talent, culture, and diverse communities on the big screen once again.

Join us in this movement by sharing your own experiences with the Texas film industry or why the Texas Film Incentive is important to you. Use the hashtag #GoodForTexas and let your voice be heard.

Together, we can make a difference. Contact your state representative or state senator and tell them to support funding for the Texas Film Incentive during this legislative session. Let’s show the world that supporting the Texas Film Incentive is not just good for Hollywood, but it’s good for Texas.

Subscribe to our channel for more inspiring content and follow us on social media to stay updated on the campaign. Together, let’s make Texas the thriving center of the film industry it deserves to be,

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The Texas Media Production Alliance is a statewide non-profit industry advocacy organization for film, TV, commercial, digital media, and video game creators. We continue to lead the charge for increased and improved incentive grant legislation to grow the media production industries in Texas. TXMPA is proud to educate the general public on the history of the media industry in Texas and support a strong community of industry professionals.