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New Website Alert from Graphic Designer Scott McFadden

After learning some new skills and clearing out some of the clutter, I finally got around to updating the SMC website. Whew! The focus on 3D skills was quite the challenge, but now I have some new tricks in the tool chest and I’m ready for new adventures. Going back and preparing projects to add to the site can be a chore for sure. Adding, deleting… questioning your existence. 🙂 …quite the process.

I narrowed down the main categories to BRANDING, PACKAGING, CHARACTER, and 3D ILLUSTRATION. Of course, it is difficult to let go of previous projects, so that is where the ARCHIVE Section comes in handy for sure. Check out the refresh when you get a chance under the WORK section! CHEERS!!!

About the author

Scott McFadden Creative

The creative process is an adventure filled with the excitement of finding the hidden treasure. That’s why I’ve been doing this for over 20 years; for the joy of discovery.

This the dreaming part; when I pack up the equipment I need to head out into the unknown. With a high-end compass, trusty map and years of experience as an art director, it’s truly amazing what I can find.

Setting out into the creative wilderness can be intimidating. There will be peaks and there will be valleys, but with determination, intuition and guts, I’m always prepared to uncover the big idea—even if it’s initially a diamond in the rough.

Once I find the big idea, it’s time to bring it home, shape it and polish it for its grand debut. Turning a simple idea into a real game-changer is my greatest skill. The creative journey is the destination. Finding the big idea in the middle of the chaos is a genuine joy; a challenge I happily take on every day. Whether it’s branding, packaging or logo design, I love sharing these adventures with my clients every step of the way.