Wednesday 29 January 2020
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Janimation Studios and Mary Kay Collaborate for Youthfinity™ Videos

Janimation Studios and Mary Kay Collaborate for Youthfinity™ Videos

Mary Kay, Inc. recently partnered with Janimation Studios, an award-winning, turnkey production studio, to produce two product reveal videos for their new skincare product, Youthfinity™ the serum.

Mary Kay—which is well-known for their innovation, science and art of beauty, and beloved skincare products—challenged Janimation to create a unique visual experience for Youthfinity™. Janimation was tasked with sharing the Youthfinity™ story by weaving together live-action interviews with key Mary Kay executives and beautifully-crafted CG elements. In addition, a promotional beauty spot was procured and driven completely by computer-generated imagery.

Janimation CEO, Stephen Gaçonnier knew that when the initial concept was presented, it was a perfect opportunity to showcase some of their new rising talent. Gaçonnier put their senior editor, Jack Pyland at the helm to both direct and edit the project. Pyland said, “The goal was to make an informative, interview-based promotional tool into an art piece. Goal achieved!” Pyland collaborated visually with award-winning cinematographer Magdalena Gorka to capture the in-camera beauty and sophistication of Youthfinity™. To communicate the feeling of luxury and elegance, a swanky Uptown Dallas penthouse was set as the backdrop for the executive interviews. Mary Kay’s Chief Marketing Officer Sheryl Adkins-Green, Vice President of Research & Development Terry Jacks, and Vice President of Brand & Design Stephen Webster eloquently laid out the vision for Youthfinity™ in a way that not only engages but also educates the audience on the science behind Youthfinity™.

Watch the Interview…

Beyond the on-camera talent, the live-action crew captured a series of well-designed shots that represented the art and science behind the product. The footage was then taken back to Janimation Studios for post-production. There, Pyland elevated the story to the next level using interview soundbites and an avant-garde editing style that helped create a truly unique look at brand storytelling.

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Another key to the final product was the talent of Greg Punchatz and his team of artists. Punchatz, Janimation Partner and Senior Creative Director explained,

“Mary Kay came to us with one of the most intriguing projects we’ve done here at Janimation. We were required to look at the challenge with a fresh approach. There’s a process that’s very different with these spots. Process-wise, we had to work down a nonlinear path. Our animators stretched themselves and tried a multitude of ideas. When you’re talking about abstract beauty and trying to produce visual poetry, it’s a long collaborative process. We were determined to get the visual rhythm and flow right in order to hit the sophisticated quality level that we ultimately achieved.

The visual creative for these spots reinforces the product’s strength, resilience, and quality for a highly sophisticated serum. The success of the Youthfinity™ campaign has allowed for continued collaboration on the next round of Mary Kay videos. Janimation is excited to announce a slate of new videos currently in production for Forever Diamonds, Lash Intensity, and Melacep. Janimation is confident this style of project and its success will bring more experimental work to the studio and promote partnerships with new clients, advertising agencies, and companies alike.


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