Friday 21 February 2020
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Hollywood Editor, Motion Graphic Artist & Producer Chris Salters Breaks on DFW Scene

Hollywood Editor, Motion Graphic Artist & Producer Chris Salters Breaks on DFW  Scene

Offers Exceptional Results to Agencies and Marketing Departments

The traditional agency-centric post-production model is still appreciated in some circles, but in recent years there has been a noticeable shift toward less fluff, more value.  Upscale venues, large edit suites, gourmet-level meals, drinks and snacks are fun for the creative teams hard at work, but often they create a lot of unnecessary overhead for the client. The 5-star treatment provided by even the most mediocre post-production facilities – especially when it’s on the client’s dime – is desirable.  What self-respecting agency creative wouldn’t enjoy sipping a beer and snacking on charcuterie trays while watching an editor ‘cut’?  The model may be dated, but clearly, it’s not dead.

Alternately, the vast technological advances seen by the post-production industry over the last decade have not only leveled the playing field for solo post-producers, they’ve changed the game.  No longer do you need an entire facility to digitize, ingest, edit, composite, color, and deliver.  If a lone YouTube-trained teenager using a second-hand MacBook can accomplish all the above, imagine what an experienced video professional with quality gear can do.

There’s also a market for those who need quality video, but don’t want or have the budget for the extras. This is where freelance professionals like Chris Salters come in.  Trained by climbing the editorial ranks of Trailer Park, Inc. the world’s leading Hollywood entertainment agency, Chris is now a veritable full-service post-production solution.  Having edited on campaigns for Universal’s Jurassic World, Disney’s Inside Out, and Marvel’s Netflix series Daredevil, to name a few, he’s garnered experience and problem-solving skills that only the demanding nature of Hollywood can instill.

A native Texan, Chris and his wife decided to retire from the west coast a few years ago with hopes of starting a family closer to “home” in the metroplex.  After spending a short time producing video at Texas Motor Speedway, he spent the next couple of years building the internal video department for TCU Athletics from the ground up. Chris oversaw a team responsible for all things video there, from big screen video board entertainment to social media content.  There he produced video, created workflows, acquired cameras, installed servers, and outfitted a multi-purpose production studio to launch TCU Athletics’ video services to a best-in-class status.

Over the course of his career, Chris has established himself as a trusted and tireless worker, throwing himself into projects with passion, creativity, and an incredible amount of technical skill.  He now collaborates with studios, agencies, and clients around the metroplex on their post-production needs from editing, to motion graphics and compositing, to color correction and technical deliveries.  Chris says that if there’s a client need that he can’t handle, he has friends who can.  Ultimately, he just wants his clients to love their finished product.

Video dominates our lives and everyone, every business, needs it.  If you’re not interested in paying for the M&Ms but demand quality results, give Chris a call,

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Chris Salters

Chris is an experienced freelance video editor and motion graphic designer based in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. When he's not tearing through edits and tweaking keyframes, he pretends to be good at mountain biking and basic carpentry. He drinks way too much coffee and loves a good beer