Friday 7 August 2020
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Fifth Annual Pegasus Film Festival: 2020 Virtual Festival Experience Announced for May 29 | Combines with 24-Hour VideoRace

Fifth Annual Pegasus Film Festival: 2020 Virtual Festival Experience  Announced for May 29 | Combines with 24-Hour VideoRace

Going Global in the Digital World

As the population grows exponentially in North Texas, Dallas has quickly become one of the centers for creativity in the United States. With all this creativity, comes a new generation of filmmakers—high school students. The Pegasus Film Festival, an organization run by students, for students, alleviates and honors the youth who create by giving them a platform to exhibit their original film works to a virtual audience on May 29, 2020. 

For the first time, Pegasus is going international and will be open to students (from kindergarten through graduating high school seniors) under 19 years old. Students from all over the globe will be given the opportunity to participate in an accredited film festival that works alongside FilmFreeway, a 100% free platform for filmmakers to submit their latest and greatest creations to established and trusted festivals around the world.

Response to COVID-19

This year, we are excited to announce that we are partnering with Imagine Dallas, Inc. on their project, “We Are The World,” working to feed our heroes of D10, our local federal office. With your support, a portion of the funds raised during this festival will be donated directly to Imagine Dallas, Inc. in an effort to fight the coronavirus (COVID-19), allowing us to support our local first responders, healthcare workers and restaurants, who are bravely serving our community during this unforeseeable time. 

The Pegasus Film Festival works to be accessible to all, especially during trying times such as these. The COVID-19 outbreak may have separated us all physically, but time and time again, we show how we can continue to work together. Due to the COVID-19 and the Shelter in Place order, the Pegasus Film Festival will now be a virtual event taking place on May 29, 2020. 

Deadline Extension and Submission Categories

The Pegasus team hopes to foster a positive and enjoyable digital experience for all that will lift the spirits of homebound creatives.  To reflect these uncertain shifts in our daily lives, the Pegasus Film Festival submission deadline has been extended to May 22. Our submission category mainstays are:

  • Narrative
  • Documentary
  • Experimental
  • Animation
  • Music Video
  • Micro Movie

To reflect these times,  we at Pegasus have decided to put forth an additional category:  Micro Movie (social media creation less than 60 seconds). Despite the current lack of in-person contact, the innovation of social media has brought many closer together. Time at home has introduced many to various social media platforms that Gen Z have taken to directions never seen before, introducing the world to unconventional humor, fun DIY crafts and life hacks, and some groovy new moves and tunes to get society through the boredom they may experience in self-isolation. Also, to help the fight against COVID-19, Pegasus will be donating a portion of the proceeds for this category to the aforementioned Imagine Dallas, Inc.

Pegasus and Dallas VideoFest Will Host 24-Hour VideoRace

Alongside the one-day film festival hosted by Pegasus, the Dallas VideoFest presents the 19th Annual 24-Hour VideoRace, beginning Friday night, May 29 and ending exactly 24 hours later on Saturday, May 30.

Anyone with a camera and the willingness to race can participate. Past teams have included elementary school students to professional filmmakers.  Student teams compete against other student teams, and adult teams are categorized by team size rather than skill level. This festival will be divided into 2 categories: participants under 18 and participants over 18.

24-Hour VideoRace Breakdown


Please register between May 6 and May 29 at 


Shortly after the Pegasus Film Festival Q&A, Bart Weiss, founder of Dallas VideoFest, will reveal the elements for this year’s films live, based on a topic and guidelines chosen by the 24-Hour VideoRace Committee. 

The revealed elements must be a part of each contestant’s video, which must be used in every video created and the COVID-19 Regulations – MUST be followed: 

Teams that fail to do so will be disqualified – no exceptions; no refunds. 

Elements in the past have included:

  • One theme
  • One prop
  • One location
  • One line of dialogue
  • And a new element 


The online screenings of the 24-Hour VideoRace completed work will be announced after May 20, 2020.


The winning videos will be featured on the website. 

Final Thoughts

“The outbreak of the Coronavirus has been quite an ordeal for many. Unemployment, shortages, and isolation weigh heavy on the hearts of millions, in a time unlike any other we have ever seen. Now, social interaction is more important than ever, and the Pegasus team hopes to use an online platform to bring people together through imagination and innovation. For five years, Pegasus has worked to become the largest student-run film festival in the country, and we are not stopping there. Join us for the virtual Pegasus Film Festival and experience an event like no other.

“And please, don’t forget to tell all your friends and family to see your amazing work!”

Logan Mook
Festival Director
Pegasus Film Festival

About the Pegasus Team
The Pegasus Film Festival has been in action since 2015 when festival director Niloo Jalilvand recognized a need for student exposure in the arts. This nonprofit organization seeks to close this gap by giving young filmmakers the chance to present their art to both an audience and a panel of judges in a competitive environment that allows them to grow exponentially. Through this, they will learn invaluable lessons, make meaningful connections with industry professionals, and become familiarized with the film festival experience. Our festival does this in four ways: hosting an annual film festival exclusively for student filmmakers, awarding festival winners with opportunities to intern with industry professionals such as ATK PLN, offering students various paid internship positions for the Pegasus Film Festival Leadership team, and holding an annual Pegasus Summer Intensive course taught by industry filmmakers for college credit. The Pegasus Film Festival works to ensure that our up and coming generations are well prepared and excited for their future in filmmaking.

This year’s unique leadership team is composed of creative minds from across the DFW Metroplex. Leaders were vetted through the application process. From Booker T. Washington HSPVA, Logan Mook is the 2020 Festival Director, Mirra Capper is the Art Director, Grayson Millburn is our Social Media Coordinator, and Soleil Singh is our Development Director. From Plano West,  Nisha Nanda is the new Festival Producer. Our team consists of members from Skyline HS, Trinidad Garza ECHS, Hebron HS, Flower Mound HS, and The Colony HS.

For five years, Pegasus has worked to become the largest student-run film festival in the country. Because the Pegasus Film Festival is run by students and for students, we believe those young creatives will help shape our futures. With our devoted and hard-working team, the 2020 Pegasus Film Festival is looking to be our most successful one yet!


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