Monday 25 January 2021
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Editor’s Pick

Patty Harrison
Editor-in-Chief AdChat DFW

This Editor’s Pick comes to us from Wendy Mason, Senior Director of Strategy at Moroch, and centers on the hot topic of the year, the coronavirus pandemic. As marketers and advertising professionals pause to catch their breath and take in how incredibly fast this virus has literally captured the world and put most of us into an unthinkable situation, we must take stock of the changes. No unnecessary travel, no hugging friends, no movies, no gyms, no haircuts, no manicures, no retail shopping except for essentials, no dentist visits, no dine-in restaurants etc.  On top of that, most of us are struggling to keep productive working from home, if you are fortunate to be able to do that. Those with children have the added burden of helping their kid’s education stay on track, essentially becoming home school parents. And then there’s the worry that you could contract a potentially deadly virus.

Everything has changed.

This article delves into the psychology that ultimately affects the way we will recover in this interdependent and interconnected world, and how to position ourselves now to be ready for when this nightmare is all over.

And it will be over at some point. This pandemic has been predicted for decades, and it finally happened. It always takes tragedy to wake up to realities, but we have awakened and we will continue to live and thrive.  After all, we are human.

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