DFW Premiere of ‘HI I’M BLAKE’ Documentary Benefits Ronald McDonald House of Dallas

Written by Ariel Herr
Cast and filmmakers in attendance to celebrate the miraculous recovery of brain injury survivor, Blake Hyland.

Ronald McDonald House of Dallas (RMHD), One Chameleon Entertainment, and Utopia have announced the DFW premiere of HI I’M BLAKE on February 5, 2022, 3pm – 6pm, at the SMU Hughes-Trigg Student Center. This feature documentary from an Emmy-nominated filmmaking team inspired the “HI I’M” Documentary Anthology Series for Magnolia Network on Warner Brothers Discovery. The film follows Blake Hyland and his inspirational true story. The screening and Q&A will be free and open to the public to kick off a two-week campaign with 25% of all the film’s proceeds benefiting RMHD. Tickets are available to reserve on a first come, first serve basis, HERE Please note, space is limited.

In 2014, Blake Hyland suffered a traumatic brain injury at 14 years old following a gymnastics accident.  Unsure if he would even survive, the doctors were astounded at his recovery.  Although, the lives of Blake and his family were changed forever, his joy and determination would go on to impact countless others. Blake’s family stayed at RMHD for almost one year to be close to Blake as he slowly recovered through intense therapies.

HI I’M BLAKE follows Blake’s journey after the accident. Documenting the platform that Blake built in bringing hope to everyone he meets and the struggles of his family as they wrestle to restore him to his former self. Grapevine, Texas filmmaker Jon Michael Simpson crafted an intimate view into the hardships and successes families face when life suddenly turns on its head and rehabilitation becomes everyday life. Though the road to recovery is not the picture the Hyland family once painted for their lives, it is one that is full of humor, joy, and inspiration for those looking for courage in trials of their own.

HI I’M BLAKE inspires anyone going through adversity and strikes a chord we can all relate to in our own lives when questioning when normalcy will return. It brings awareness to the life-changing impact brain injuries have on families throughout the country. Health professionals describe traumatic brain injuries as “the silent epidemic” due to its widespread reach yet lack of awareness.

“I grew up next door to the Hylands and being able to tell their story has been one of the greatest joys of my life,” said Jon Michael Simpson. “Blake was known as ‘The Mayor of the Ronald McDonald House’, where we filmed regularly, and I can attest that his charisma, humor, and care for others shine through both in life and the film. I was in awe by the incredible care and strong relationships the staff at RMHD built, not only with the Hylands but with every family that came through their door. We are thrilled to partner with them and help shine a light on their great work.”

Jill Cumnock, CEO of RMHD, added, “The Hyland Family spent so long living in the House that we came to love them as family. We were constantly inspired by their resilience and their determination to keep going, keep encouraging, and keep believing in Blake’s recovery and rehabilitation. To be able to offer them a home away from home when they were going through such a hard time meant so much to us all.  The message of this film is incredibly important, and we are honored to be able to share in its premiere.”

Event Timeline:

  • 3pm | Doors
  • 3:30 | Film starts
  • 4:45pm | Q&A with the Hyland Family, Director Jon Michael Simpson, and Jill Cumnock, CEO of Ronald McDonald House

SMU Hughes-Trigg Student Center
3140 Dyer Street
Dallas, TX 75205

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Synopsis: After a life-altering gymnastics accident leaves Blake Hyland in a coma, his friends and family cling to hope for a miracle. After weeks of waiting, at last his eyes open, and his optimistic family refuses to believe in anything less than a full recovery. HI I’M BLAKE follows the Hylands’ struggle to paint a new picture for their lives. As Blake attempts to reintegrate into society with a traumatic brain injury, it is a mystery if he will ever walk again, gain an education, or return to his former life. Filmed over six years, this inspirational story captures the joy of a boy with profound hope, the sacrificial love of a family, and seeks to answer the question, “When will Blake fully recover?”

View the official trailer HERE.

HI I’M BLAKE is a One Chameleon Entertainment production, produced by Jon Michael Simpson, Jeff McQuitty, Russell Wayne Groves and Lee Rothenflue, with original music by Hanan Townshend and Jeff McQuitty.

This film is available to rent or purchase on Apple TV, Amazon, Altavod and more at


Established in 1981, Ronald McDonald House of Dallas has served as a home-away-from-home for more than 43,000 families of seriously ill children who have traveled to Dallas seeking medical treatment in area hospitals. By providing a caring, supportive, home-like environment, Ronald McDonald House of Dallas keeps the family intact and helps allow a family to establish a normal routine in the midst of crisis. It also provides families with the opportunity to share their concerns with other families in similar circumstances. For more information, please contact Ronald McDonald House of Dallas at 214.631.7354, or visit

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