Monday 6 April 2020
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Dallas’ FANGORIA Acquired by Dallas Sonnier’s CINESTATE | DMA Event Celebrates Mid-Century Horror Films

Dallas’ FANGORIA Acquired by Dallas Sonnier’s CINESTATE | DMA Event Celebrates Mid-Century Horror Films

The Dallas Museum of Art (DMA) and Dallas-based horror entertainment studio FANGORIA will present Mid-Century Modern Horror on Saturday, October 26 from 3:30 PM to 12:00 AM at the DMA’s Horchow Auditorium. Celebrating the visual language of mid-century horror films, the triple feature will include classic films from the 1950s and 60s, and a special preview screening of A24’s 2019 release IN FABRIC.

“The middle part of last century underwent a horror renaissance,” said Dallas Sonnier, CEO of FANGORIA. “Creative filmmakers produced a never-before-seen supply of great stories, characters, effects, and narrative devices, which was matched with an insatiable demand from consumers for thrills and manufactured fear. As a result, we have a plethora of cinematic treasures that have both maintained their appeal and helped to continue inspiring the genre.”

A BUCKET OF BLOOD (1959) will be introduced by Kevin Heffernan, Associate Professor in the Division of Film and Media Arts at Southern Methodist University at 3:30 PM. The film tells of a busboy that wins acclaim as an artist when a plaster-covered dead cat is mistaken as a skillful statuette. His desire for more praise soon leads to an increasingly deadly series of works.

PEEPING TOM (1960) will be introduced by FANGORIA writer and creative exec Preston Fassel at 6:30 PM, and tells the story of a young man who murders women and uses a movie camera to film their dying expressions of terror.

The event will wrap with a special preview of IN FABRIC (2019) at 9:30 PM with a special introduction by costume designer Jo Thompson, who is visiting Dallas from London for the event. The haunting ghost story is set against the backdrop of a busy winter sales period in a department store, and follows the life of a cursed dress as it passes from person-to-person with devastating consequences. Also in attendance will be the murderous dress itself, designed and presented by Thompson.

“It’s been a watershed couple of years for horror, due in no small part to the amazing reception a handful of A-list fright films like ‘Get Out’ and ‘Us’ have received,” added Phil Nobile, Jr., Editor-in-Chief of FANGORIA. “People taking horror seriously is good news. It means more opportunities, a bigger mosaic of voices telling the stories – people who might not be drawn to the genre opening up that toolkit and taking a crack at things.”

Mid-Century Modern Horror marks FANGORIA’s first partnership with the Dallas Museum of Art. “Dallas is a world-class city with a first-class art scene, and is now the center of the horror universe as FANGORIA’S new home-base. FANGORIA adds another layer to our great city’s media landscape,” FANGORIA’s Chief Marketing Officer Brandon Jones added.

FANGORIA, the premier horror brand, has been inspiring filmmakers for 40 years. Also expanding from its iconic print history, FANGORIA is now involved with film festivals, film production, DVD releases, podcasts, books, and art events coast-to-coast, helping expose all types of horror fans to the genre’s rich offering, while also continuing to inspire the artists of tomorrow. This month, FANGORIA will also host the release of SATANIC PANIC on DVD in Los Angeles on October 22.

Tickets for FANGORIA and the Dallas Museum of Art Present Mid-Century Modern Horror are available online, and are $10 for A BUCKET OF BLOOD or PEEPING TOM, $15 for IN FABRIC, or $30 for all three films.

FANGORIA is the iconic horror film fan magazine with a die-hard fan base, in publication as “The First in Fright” since 1979. FANGORIA was acquired by CINESTATE, the Texas-based movie studio run by producer Dallas Sonnier, who re-launched the magazine as a print-only quarterly collectible while extending the franchise into films, podcasts, and books. Since its resurrection in 2018, FANGORIA has produced four horror movies, including PUPPET MASTER: THE LITTLEST REICH (2018), SATANIC PANIC (2019), VFW (2020), and CASTLE FREAK (2020). In addition to the ever-expanding library of original movies, FANGORIA Magazine has been back in print for five collectible issues of more than 100 pages each.

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